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4 Weeks down, 5 to go... But is anyone watching the Olympic 10k?


I felt pretty chuffed when I managed to run a wee bit faster today to finish week 4, but right now I'm watching the Olympics and feeling a bit like... an amateur! It's definitely made me feel really good about running, and taking part in C25K. I mean, who knew anyone could run 10k that quickly (31 minutes)?

Roll on Week 5, and the halfway point! :)

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The fastest time in the 10k race I did a few weeks ago was 31 minutes 5 seconds ! It took me 1 hour 9 minutes :-) I was amazed by the winning time, so impressive !

We may be amateurs but at least we are moving......

itssunflowerGraduate in reply to sfb350

Yes! As I was running the other day some teenage boys drove past in a pickup truck and yelled some unkind comments at me as I plodded along. I thought 1) shame on you, because I'm old enough to be your grandmother and 2) at least I'm out here doing it.

stayinbedGraduate in reply to itssunflower

It's SO annoying isn't it? Shame on them and good for us older women!


Fantastic wasn't it!!!?

Well done on your improvements and getting to week 4! You have to start somewhere, fancy a 10K in Rio?

Best of luck for week 5



i dream of doing 5k in that time!


Watching the mens 10000 meters as I type (vodka in hand) I am never going to be an athelete! :)

I watched the men's 10k last night too. I think I'll be happy enough if I can run 5k in that time! The Olympics have been amazing though. Go Team GB! :)

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