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W2 R1 Completed

Wow that was tougher than expected but I still completed it.

The muscle on the left leg started to twinge a bit near the end but was fine.

What was an issue was when I was breathing it felt sore at the back of the windpipe when breathing in and out., anyone have this? My breathing it terrible due to being overweight and having nasal polyps (cannot breathe through nose) but not experienced that before.

Tried to follow her breathing technique but couldnt do the counting as well.

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I've just done W2R2 and I still can't do the breathing thing but I think as long as you are breathing and feeling ok it's not a big issue. I sometimes get a dry throat at the back when running and cough a bit when I get home, must be from working the lungs harder cos I don't smoke but like you I'm overweight.


I did W2 R1 this morning and can't do the breathing technique either. If anything, attempting to do it made me more breathless so not sure I will try again.


I can't do the breathing either, but have tried to slow it down a bit and breathe deeper when I'm getting tired.


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