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Alternative to podcasts for hearing aid wearers?

I'm planning to start C25K; definitely starting at the couch end of things! It sounds like the podcasts are a great help but as a hearing aid wearer they won't be any good for me. Does anyone know of an app (for my smartphone) which would be an alternative for me? I think it would be helpful to have something to alert me to when it's time to run, walk, run again and so on. The market is confusing and not having started the programme I'm not entirely sure what I'll need, so I thought I'd ask. Thanks.

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Hi snowchaser - before I found the podcasts I downloaded an app which has exactly the same programme - unfortunately I lost it when I drowned my phone in the loo :-( so I can't check which one it was, but I think this one is the same - it's off the Cool Running website which has the same Couch to 5 k programme as the NHS podcasts. This is the Android version:

Otherwise you could look at the 'A HIIT Interval Timer' app which allows you to programme in your own intervals so you could copy the programme from the website. I'm using that for a bridge to 10k programme that i only have on paper and it works really well - but a bit labour-intensive to programme in the workouts!

I am not sure how the above would work for a hearing aid user - would you expect to get visual cues? Or vibration? It would be worth exploring how these apps could address that.

Good luck with the programme - and maybe it would be worth emailing the NHS website people to suggest a bit more accessibility?


Thanks jiucydee, I'll certainly explore the ones you mention. Vibration would work but also I could glance at the screen and see a visual alert (word, colour change...). Good point about emailing the NHS website; I'll do that but perhaps once I've started and have a bit more idea what I'm talking about! Good luck with bridging to 10k - impressed!


Depending on what type of aids you use, you might be able to wear headphones. For example these work with the induction loop type. I think the same organisation might be able to advise?

I didn't know until I started C25k but my phone can play the podcasts so I haven't needed to buy anything new, just dig out some headphones.


Thanks SarahSpangles! Do people find running with headphones on works ok? I've only noticed people with the ear buds.


I actually prefer headphones, mine hook over my ears, the buds fall out - I must have big ears :) They are a bit more lightweight than the ones I linked to, I think you need to ask a specialist what is available for your particular type of loss.

I don't have impaired hearing but family members do. They tend to want to block other distractions so they can listen to audio books and so on. However running with a podcast is more like listening to a radio as company while doing other things - you only have to 'attend' when Laura needs to give instructions.

The ones Rhona suggests below sound interesting.


I have just got some bone conductive headphones (Amazon). They sit on your upper cheekbone. Advantage is that you can hear what is going on around you.


Hi snowchaser, I wear hearing aids and have found the perfect solution. I bought an induction hook from the RNID shop.

Not that cheap but fantastic to use outside with an mp3 and in the gym. I switch one aid to programme two and keep the other one normal so I can still be aware of traffic etc. Honestly, it's the best thing I ever bought. Good luck


Hi again, I don't think the link works but it's called an M479 Mobile and Audio Single ear hook.


Thanks for all the suggestions - I'm going to get started on the programme then work out what might suit me best.


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