I want to emulate Michael Fassbender!

Even though Laura said I was a runner when I graduated, most days I don't feel like one! But you know you're a 'runner' when you see other people running and can truly appreciate their 'form'.

I happened to see a bit of a film at the weekend called 'Shame' with Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender in, wasn't really paying much attention, very heavy in places, but there was a bit when Michael went for a run at night in New York and he was just so effortless it was watching him thinking that's exactly how I want to be, so if JJ is panthering, I want to be like Michael, that's who I'm hoping to be 'channeling' from now on, even though I am the wrong gender :-)

If you don't believe me, look it up on YouTube, 'Michael Fassbender running in Shame'.

I'm inspired!!!!

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  • You mean this bit?

    He does look effortless, doesn't he? Nice. He kicks his heels up really high though, his heel nearly touches his bum. I don't think I could run like this!

  • He does look effortless but he's also very bouncey and we know better than that thanks to Laura :)

  • He does look very effortless. I'd be beetroot red and covered in sweat patches if I ran in so many thick clothes

  • Well as long as that's all you emulate ;) ...... Shocking but watchable

  • OH MAN I reeeeeeeeeeeally want to see that film. Was on telly the other day wasn't it? But way past my bedtime hehe.

  • I love that bit and that film, especially when he lights up a fag at the end of the run! that inspired me to run too. He's quite 'well built' as well isn't he? ;)

  • For sheer elegance I thought David Rudisha's world record at the Olympics was the 2nd most beautiful runner I had ever seen (obviously my DH is 1st :) )

  • Gosh!! I can't see me ever looking near as cool and relaxed as that! (the high kicking legs too....). I watched the clip on youtube...it suggested other running related clip for me - Forrest Gump's long run - not so effortless, but he ran a very loooong way! :D

  • that's already how I run (well, that's how I tell myself that I run!) but do that for more than 8k he'll have no ankles left, amateur!!

  • Hahaha, yes, though I am distracted by his running form in Shame by 1) Carey Mulligan's carelessly gorgeous haircut, which I want, and 2) his ridiculously well-endowed naked form in the same film. Holey moley! ;)

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