It's the big day tomorrow W5 R3......scared now!

I have been dreading this - although once I got into the swing of the second run I possibly could've done more than the 8 minutes, but THIS is different. I don't want to fail, but can't see how I can shift from 8 minutes to 20!!

Once the rain has stopped tomorrow (if I can believe the forecasters) then I am out there! Gulp....


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11 Replies

  • Don't panic !!! You CAN do it, you've followed the program and you are ready. W5R3 was my absolute favorite - such a high on finishing. Trust the program, relax and try to enjoy it.

  • As sfb350 says Don't really will be fine if you take it slow and steady. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you can do it just as you leave home and stay positive for half an hour and it will be done. :)

  • Just go for it. You can do it, Laura says so.

    Have confidence. The only thing telling you you cant is your mind and your lower leg muscles.

    By this point your cardio and your leg muscles have adapted to being able to do the twenty minute run. Simple as that. They can do it.

    You just need the mental focus to get through the twenty minutes. You are ready. I found that having some music that you really enjoy helps to pass the time.

  • I was dreading it too but got out there in wind and rain with a view that something is better than nothing. I paced myself and at halfway had to check I hadn't somehow forwarded the app on my phone and then sped up when I realised I hadn't. At 1 min left I sped up again and felt so good I ran through my cool down too and had to do an extra 5 mins to cool down. I've been sticking faithfully to the programme since then but it's the boost of confidence it gives and the high you feel (way better than any drug I'd imagine) at succeeding that make it all so worthwhile and addictive!

    By the way, I'm nearing 40, have never been on an exercise programme and was 2st 3lbs overweight when I started.

  • I did that run yesterday, and like you was dreading it but you will find that it is definitely mind over matter. Just lift your head watch the road ahead and enjoy it because you can do it. The feeling I got yesterday, all day was amazing! omg I'm turning into a runner!!!! Week 6 run 1 tomorrow xx

  • A few weeks ago, I came home red-faced and sweaty after having finished the W5R3 workout. Just over half an hour earlier, I'd been just as convinced as you that I wouldn't make it. Like the others say, it's an amazing feeling when you achieve it. Today, I ran for almost 40 minutes after having a week off from exercise because of holiday. But I don't know if anything will ever beat the thrill of that landmark run. xxx

  • I too was dreading this run but got out there this morning and I did it. Whoop whoop was how I felt when I heard Laura say "now slow down". I chose to run a totally different route for this run as I knew it took me 5 mins to run round the park on my normal route and was convinced I'd stop after 3 circuits. But as the others have said; it IS mind over matter and you will do it. So best of luck to you.

  • Thanks everyone - just got back, and I did it!!! Some parts were tough, it didn't help with the wind blowing against me a lot of the way, but YAY!

    I appreciate all your comments - week 6 here I come....

  • Well done you! I managed it yesterday too, After doing wk 5 run 2 several times over and putting it off. It's all about the mental challenge I think! Congratulations!

  • Really chuffed for you. It's hard to believe its possible before you set out but that feeling you get when you complete it is amazing. Week 6 for you now!

  • Well done Mitch you conquered wk5 r3 :)

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