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W4R2 - After a weekend of bootcamp........oh me oh my!

Done my second run last night (inbetween down pours of rain!) and it was interesting to say the least as I had done a weekend of boot camp!!

Thought my body was 'healed' from the abuse i put it through but WOW it hurt all over! Alas i carried on with my run and got through it.

Had a much better feeling after I had done it and look forward to my last run of W4 at the weekend.

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Yay! that's great!

I started going to a Bootcamp session on a Saturday morning (7.30am!) a couple of months ago. I'd hate the first half of the session and then get a second wind and really love it. By the time 9o'clock came I'd be full of energy and get loads done. The downside- I would ache until Wednesday!

So I started going for a walk on a Sunday and I only ached until Tuesday.

Then I started to do the C25K (just finished W3) three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and a Thursday and now my Bootcamp aches are gone by my 6.30am Monday run!

I'm going to have to see how the aches go as the C25K weeks become more intense though!

All the best.


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