Couch to 5K

Bitter disappointment!

Bitter disappointment!

Been having slight pain in my knee but have been rubbing Biofreeze into it and occasionally taking Naproxen.

So looked forward to this morning, W1 R3.

Heavy rain and after some cynical but well meaning comment from my partner about me slipping over in the mud, I thought just for today I would do my run in the gym on the treadmill.

Spent ages positioning my new armband for my mobile, that was it, hit the start button and I was off, less than 3 minutes knee was hurting, then the 60 second run, oh dear, I could feel the tears welling up, not because of the pain but because I knew I had to stop.

So %$*&+* and a few more expletives, am now sat at home, doing RICE!

Seeing chiropractor tomorrow as I do not want things to get worse.

I feel better just for letting off a bit of steam. ;)

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Poor you, how frustrating. I hope it feels better soon so you can get back to the running.


I feel for you but don't despair. I had horrendously painful knees for the first two weeks - very swollen and stiff. A couple of times I was limping not jogging and had to go home for the ice pack. I added some swimming and cycling to my week and some general quad strengthening exercises to stabilise my knees and it worked! I wouldn't say I'm 100% pain free but I am on W6R3 tomorrow and a squirt of Deep freeze after a run usually does the trick. Good Luck


Likewise - off to the doc tomorrow to see about mine.

Haven't been able to run since I graduated :( Lots of clicking and clunking going on and had to use the bannister to get down the stairs first thing in the morning!!

Went to the gym and used the cross trainer and bike yesterday and no adverse effects fortunately.

As NMK says above the freeze gel is good as is the freeze spray - makes you jump through the roof though!!!

Hope you are OK soon.


Cheers for the encouragement, I've got over it now, just focusing on sorting my knee out.


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