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2nd run back after a break! Disaster followed by a nice surprise

After my last run, managing 23 minutes after nearly two weeks off sick, I thought I'd go back and do week 7 again as I got back into the rythm. Was feeling a bit guilty as I worked late and decided to get through it by eating chocolate, but felt pretty good starting out. Running around 10pm is my favourite, temperature was just right ti keep me cool, with a nice sea breeze coming off the estuary and the twinkling lights of the pier out on the water.

Anyway, I'd started the week 7 podcast for my warmup walk, got to the running and off I went.

About 90 seconds later, DISASTER! the music stopped, I check my player in case my headphones have come out, but they had not, it had restarted itsefl.... I'd been running long enough that I didn't want to start again, especially not having to wait through the warmup time again (my mp3 player is very basic so cant FF or skip to a time), I had Endomondo running on my phone so thought I'd wing it, stick my mp3 player on random and run on my own as it were.

I decided to try not to check endomondo as the more you check the longer the time seems to drag ( I know this for sure from my early weeks just using my watch, pre podcast discovery), so decided I'd just run until I felt i'd done about anough, then have a check and see if I should add some more time on.

Then came the nice surprise! I was starting to feel the strain in my legs so I waited for the end of a song and checked Endomondo, and I'd been running for just over 30 minutes, covering 4.3km!!

So from potential disaster, this turned into my best run so far :D

Not totally sure what to do now, I was on week 8, so now i've done 1x28 minutes run, one 23 minute run, and one 30min run, should I move on to week nine, or maybe do one more 28 min run to finish off week 8 properly (ish)


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I think I'd move to week 9.

My MP3 player did similar on W8R2 - decided to switch off and run an update.

Well done !


I'd move on to w9.

I had the same problmes with my iPhone and had about 3 or 4 runs where Laura left me!


What a great run. Well done to you. Ultimately you should to do what you are comfortable with, but if you are comfortable running 28 mins why not try week 9 and see how you go? Good luck!


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