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Week 8 run 3 - Rain!!


Well I donned my running geat this morning only to look out the window to see it pouring down!!

So I donned my soft shell jacket and got on with it. I loved it!!!

I did a new run this morning the trail close to my home that I started using at the beginning of C25K but the opposite route - it was so much fun!!

Crossing farming fields and then running down a muddy trans pennine trail getting in the way of harden mountain bikers (who were friendly, when I realised they were behind me), listening to my music - sorry Laura, I ditched you again!

In no time 14mins had passed, then blink again and I was in my last 8mins.

I must admit, I had to step over a couple of little bits due to the seriously large puddles of unknown depths, but as soon as I was over them I continued running - I honestly didnt stop cos I was tired, or lazy - its was purely for health and safety!!

I tried to miss the puddles, jumping over and to the side of them (in my own little 'baby' parkour way - its my mind, my world!!) But unfortunately I misjudged many and ended up kicking up muddy water galour - IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!

So by the time Id finished my run I had ran 3.2km, in 29min 45sec. Further than what Ive ran before and even better my average time was the same as the day before - 6.12kmh which really suprised me due to the fact that I had to pick my way slowly over the farmers field (by the way there is a specific path through the field, Im not running on their crops!!!).

So yeah, Im really happy with my run today, so gonna have to run in the rain again!!

Heres to the final week!! Granted I doubt that I'll make the 5km, but Im loving running, I will get my 5km target soon! Time to beat for my race is 51mins (saw a photo of my last time for race for life this morning).

Looking forward to running whilst Im away next weekend - with a little luck the tide will be out so we can run on the wet sand!!!

Happy happy running me!!! :)

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Ooh, that sounds fun ! I was hoping to do W8R3 today but,after yesterdays run, I was just too tired and sore. My W7R2 was through woodland and,like you, I had to dodge obstacles and even walk over some for health and safety reasons. I think it was harder work for my legs but I enjoyed it more and there is a certain pleasure in finishing your run wet and muddy :-)


So much pleasure being so wet and muddy!!


Oooh - ladies!! Yep - can't wait for a rainy one - not too much mud round Ealing though..... a bit in the parks I must admit! Great to hear of your adventures - all these things we would never have dreamed of doing previously!! :-) :-)


UURGH - i dislike the rain almost as much as hills! So pleased that others can show me it's not so bad. I went out yesterday after the rain had stopped. I tend to look at my feet rather than where I'm going and ran slap bang into a low hanging bush that totally soaked my head. AARGH! I HATE BEING WET ! (:->)


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