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week 8 run 1 28MINS..............YEA::)))))

Ok so ive had a week and half off since my last run, really wasnt well some sickness bug, tried to go wed, then thurs then fri but didnt get there jesus has it rained this week! Dont get me wrong a little rain is nice, if you've read my previous blogs quite refreshing if its warm, but my last run it started to rain mid way oh and then hail! Completed run but came home freezing wet and my clothers hanging twice as long as normal:) So after that no way was i going out this week when it was already pouring with freezing rain at the start. So last night went in town instead and brought water proofs for runing in & two new tops that take the sweat, been running in old tshirts, socks too, waist belt and water bottle! Thank you sports direct all on offer quite bargains, most things 50 or 70% off! Anyways today determined to go out especially now we have the gear:)) So got out not a cloud in the sky lol typical! Purposely took it easy due to my break had been debating wheather to do week 8 at all & go back a week, but decided just to see how it went. Well i found it easier than the 20mins and 25mins which confuses me some what but its done, yah 28 mins cannot believe it!!!!! Really struggled with 20 and 25 really didnt expect this?? Oh & i brought bright illuiminous pink new running gear, why would i do this?? me who ran in the dark for the first 5 weeks till the blooming clocks went back??? why? why? the sun was reflecting on it big time, was really hurting my eyes::))

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:) Sounds like it was a good one! Days like this are what make us all carry on.

New gear sounds fab! I need some & something that's not grey or black!


Well done !

I got all my gear (except shoes) at Sports Direct and, yes, lots of pink - great value and some even better bargains on line. I didn't want to spend too much as I'm hoping to get smaller (slimmer!).


Thats great well done! Not far off graduation now!! :o) I bought atop which I like to describe as 'fuscha', however at time of purchase I wasnt the Ribena berry that I am 5 mins into my run which isn't a good combo especially considering I have ginger hair!! Dread to think what I look like but I dont care anymore!! Cause I'm a runner, Laura said so!! :o)


Totally addicted then. Went shopping with daughter today and ended up coming home with running socks and a running top. Did not intend to buy anything to do with running but can't seem to help myself. :)


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