Couch to 5K

I feel like a loser

I started C25K earlier this year and got held up in W2 because of the heavy snowfalls.

A few weeks on, and I just cannot seem to gather the motivation to start again, despite my head telling me I must.

I found the first time just so, so hard... I had to go through W1 twice to add up three consecutive runs and I'm so discouraged at the though of having to do it all over again...

I can't manage to keep up with anyone here... Everyone's talk of success and graduation is very commendable, but it makes me feel like a total loser.

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Gone2Seed you are most definatly not a loser. You've had the courage and determination to start the programme once you can do it again! Alot of people have had to repeat some runs / weeks before moving on - I was one of them...i only achieved 1 run out of 3 in w8. The beauty of the programme is that you can do it at your pace...there is no right or what if you have to do every week twice or more you are still's way more than doing nothing. Every run you do is a sucess, we just need to keep telling ourselves that and it's not a competition!!

Give it another go, and keep posting you'll get lots of support on here. :)


Now the weather is improving try running first thing in the morning, it really lifts you running in the sunshine! Go on, you can do it!


I know exactly how you feel. Started C25K back in January, really got into it and looked forward to each run until I reached W5R3 where a bout of flu stopped my rhythm and my motivation disappeared. Then had a 5 week break due to work commitments, so I thought I'd drop back to W3 but I've only managed 2 runs of the 3 because even though my motivation is back, so is the flu!!

Don't quit, I'm sure once you start running again, your motivation will return - for some of us, C25K isn't a 9 week plan, as events have conspired against us! We'll still reach the target, it's just going to take a little longer than we hoped. :-)


Oh I do feel for you and I know what you mean it is so hard to get motivated, i agree with CaziD, there are no rules, I have taken about 8 weeks to get to the end of week 5 due to time factors, and motivation but i decided to make this about getting out 2 or 3 times a week and getting some exercse , even if it was doing more walking than running and gradually I have reached the end of each week eventually.. Keep at it every time you go out you will feel more inspired :-) Good luck


Some people take the motorway route. Some people take the scenic route. Some people pull over into a lay-by for a little snooze now and then. No route is any better than the other. It's all down to the individual to find the journey that is the best for them. The important thing is to keep travelling.

Keep going - you will get there :-)

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What a lovely post. :)


This is such a lovely analogy :)


I've said it before, but I'll say it again... it took me nearly 6 weeks to complete Week 1. I lost count of how many times I listened to that podcast. But the amazing thing is that the rest of the programme just has not been like that - I've only had one run since that has felt as hard as Week 1.

'Must do it' probably feels a bit oppressive. I don't think I would have got very far telling myself I 'must' do it.

When I was wondering here whether to do more Week 1 instead of going on to Week 2, someone suggested trying Week 2 for a giggle and I realised that having that light hearted approach is absolutely the right one for me. Ironically, it is telling myself I don't have to do it, just get dressed and go to X and then see how you feel, just start the podcast etc etc that seems to work. I take pride in being a slow-mo runner

If you have a tendency to think of yourself as a loser (and of course that's rubbish because you clearly have great determination to complete Week 1 despite having to do more sessions), you probably have even more than physical fitness to gain from continuing with the programme - find somewhere nice to run and go get yourself some endorphins!


Don't feel like a loser - your're not. Just put your gear on, step outside and see how you get on. It doesn't matter how long it takes you. Anything you do is better than nothing. Don't be so hard on yourself. There's loads of encouragement on here.


Thanks you all who took the time to reply. I appreciate the encouragement and words of support.

I was determined to go out this week but I had to turn round when the hailstones started to come at me horizontally! Got back to the house and tried to finish R1 by running under the covered terrace (25m long).

The weather hasn't improved since.

I can't help thinking I won't be able to get started again, let alone get past W1 all the way to W9. I'm not concerned about how long it takes or how many weeks I have to repeat, but I need to find the *belief* that I can see this through.

I know it's worth doing; I know I should be doing it; I just cannot seem to be able to convince myself I can do it and I feel defeated before I even try.


Don't be so hard on yourself! I started this as part of my decision to use my overpriced gym membership a bit more! I didnt think for one minute I would be able to do it and would never have done it if I had had to run outside! I wanted as few witnesses to my embarrassing efforts and beetroot red face as possible so I only went in the very late evenings for several weeks!

I got to week 8 run 1 before I had the courage to "get out there" in the real world, so anyone who starts this programme running out doors has my eternal respect.

I don't blame you for letting hailstones stop you! This weather is mental, flipping hailstones for gawd's sake! - but I am sure you will get back out there, and you will do this!


Meant to say - how about signing up for an event as your focus! Since graduating I found I lost a bit of oomph and it;s only since signing up for a 10k in June that I have rediscovered my mojo!


The same thing happend to me, Gone2Seed.

I started in January and had to stop after Week 1 due to snow and ice. I was putting the restart off. And some more...

Then a few weeks ago I started again and made it to W3 R1, and then my knee stared to hurt.

The knee is better now (I haven't run for 3 weeks) and I'm determined to go running again tomorrow. I probably won't pick up at W3 R1, but will do one of the w2 runs to get back into it. But thinking that I listened to the W1 podcast 8 times in total before moving on, that's not too bad. ;)

As probably a lot of people on here will tell you, it's not the running that's the hardest, it's the getting out in the first place. If you managed that, running is the "easy" part.

Don't feel like a loser, because you certainly aren't one! Many peope have repeated weeks, don't feel dissapointed if you have to repeat one. C25k isn't a race after all.

To quote Laura: You can do it! ;)


You are not a loser. You have done it once and that took courage. It really isn't a competition on here, it's a place of support for whatever stage you are at. Try doing it in small steps and don't think about completing the whole programme, just one run at a time. This is your quest for self fulfilment, you set your own goals, you never truly know if you can do something until you try. Don't give up keep trying and experimenting with what works best for you. Let us know how you get on.


Just starting the program makes you a winner. I know its going to take me multiple tries at the different weeks as I am very unfit.

Take the confidence that we dont expect more than you can give and will happily support you whatever happens.

This is the best forum I have seen and its not a race, you need to do it at your own pace. No one else knows what that is but you.

Dont give up.


We went to a silver wedding celebration yesterday (bear with me - I'm going somewhere with this). The couple showed a Powerpoint of photos from their married life, all smiling, 2 lovely children - looked perfect. But I know for a fact that they've had really tough times, including 3 miscarriages. I couldn't help thinking of all those sad times and 'failures' that they (of course) didn't show or mention. And I think a lot of us on here are like that - we don't post the times we stayed in bed for a cheeky snooze when we had planned to do another run, or the times we just felt like throwing up and had to stop - or the fact that we lurked on this forum for 6 months before ever lacing up our trainers. But when something goes right, we want to celebrate, so that's perhaps what you see more of on here.

Let's be honest, this programme isn't easy, especially if (like me) you've had no fitness previously. Laura and co make it as easy as it can be, but there's still effort involved - and you have already made that effort so you know you can do it.

I'm mixing my metaphors here, but that quote from Woody Allen comes to mind: '90 percent of success in life is just showing up'. It's sometimes boring, knackering, frustrating - but people on here will tell you they wouldn't swap it for the world once they've started. And once you've got going with this, it will give you confidence that you can stick at things in other areas of life too, so you get loads of all-round benefits.

Go on Gone2Seed - get those trainers on, show up, and show the world what you can do!! And you might need to change your display name soon :-) :-) :-)


@ SuZi, @ juicydee, @ Gridlet, @ everyone,

I get it, I do.

Thank you.

I'll lace the trainers, don the fleecy hat and gloves (and trousers!) turn on my iPod and start again tomorrow.

(gotta cook dinner now :))


All these lovely comments hopefully have made you feel like not giving up. You have started and alll you have to do is take it step by step, one foot in front of the other and you too will be successful. Good luck, its not easy but then very few things in life are! You can do this :)


@Gone2Seed: That's the spirit!

I've only just come back from my first run after a 3 week rest and I felt like I didn't stop. The excitement was back at the first step (even if I fell back to doing week 2).



There are lots of posts about graduating at the moment because a whole group started at the same time a couple of months ago so we are all way-hey!!!-ing and woo-hoo!!-ing at the moment as we get to week 9,( I am hoping to be doing that next week.)

Once you start and post your blogs you will find yourself drawn into the group that are just starting now - you will all be different and progress at different times but who cares about that.

Lots of people finish week 9 but not everyone does that in 9 weeks, we don't all start from the same fitness level and life has a habit of upsetting our routines. Give it a go, I think you may surprise yourself once you get going


Hello kind people who gave me a lift and kick up the backside!

I started a blog today.

Go and read. It's all down to you...


great reading this, I am on an enforced break and physio has advised me to aim for year end to complete the programme. I was really dissapointed but you lot all help me feel that I will still manage it :-)

Good luck Gone2seed


Oh, no, Gone2seed--you're not going to get off that easy! Please take this quote to heart: "Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people." - Nido Qubein (motivational speaker and president of an American University) I'd like to see you start the C25K program again, to prove that you ARE A WINNER instead! Go for it!


oscar wilde also said that if somehting is worth doing its worth doing badly!! so just give it go!

i was doing really well and completed every run ioncluding week run3 then went down with back pain so have 2 weeks off and not feeling confident about re starting and frightened that if i do, i'll have pain again. its normal/natural and you must rememeber that first and foremost we are ALL human! good luck, you do have the motivation, if you didnt , you would not be on this forum, you have got it in you, no one could be less fot than i was, honestly. keep in touch and let us know how you do


I started.......again....this morning.I`ve started twice this year....had surgery once, and the weather and a holiday stopped me the second time.

Its sheeting with rain and blowing a fact I think it snowed whilst I was out...I tried not to notice. I also managed to orientate myself so my last run was up and incline and into the oncoming weather!!

I came back feeling very demoralised as I didn`t manage the last 60 second run of W1R1.....if I can`t do that what hope is there??

However, I am going to have another go at W1R1 tommorrow....I will do it...I have to do something.

And the dog had fun.. :)


Both myself and my daughter started at the sme time and we both had to repeat weeks due to illness, work, injury etc. Just take it at your own pace and don't feel as though you have to rush it. I can rember those first couple of weeks and being so exhausted at the end of a 90 second run I couldn't wait for 'Laura's' voice to tell me to walk, it was such a relief. However both of us have finished the programme and have kept on running (the support for each other is really good if you can get that too). The programme does work, keep giving it a chance, best of luck.


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