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I feel like Slim Shady

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Guess who's back, back again ...

I know most people don't know me but this is my 3rd time around with C25K.

Week 2 Run 1 finished yesterday.

23 Replies
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Good on you for coming back better to c25k then to do nothing ;)

How are you going to celebrate getting through each week, milestone or completing the programme?

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backintimeGraduate in reply to GetGemma

Thanks you!

I know I can complete, I've done it twice before, but had meniscus problems (unrelated to running), then completed the 2nd time, then a rather large ovarian cyst which required an operation, so cue my third time around.

I was so eager to restart but the gremlins were whispering in my ear, but I kicked them out last week and got my shoes on.

I will celebrate when I finish w9 r3 ! Onwards and upwards!

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Welcome back! So pleased you’re in a position to be out and running again. Wishing you a very happy birthday back to graduation, I think we need another badge! 🏃‍♀️💪❤️

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backintimeGraduate in reply to MissUnderstanding

Thank you! I really am glad to be back

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Welcome back !Your username rings a bell 🙂

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backintimeGraduate in reply to Instructor57

Thanks Instructor, I'll ring the bell when I get through week 9 r 3

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Welcome back! Hope you are OK health-wise. Wishing you lots of luck for the return to running, not that you need it. Take it easy and stay well.

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backintimeGraduate in reply to Stephen_UK

Thank you Stephen, so kind, as always. Hoping 3rd time is the charm!

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There are runners who come to C25K for a few weeks then you never hear from them again, but you have come back, "backintime," you are truely living up to your username, so welcome back to the forum, so a big congratulations to you 👍✅

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backintimeGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Thanks Al, glad you are well and running! Nice to be back to what feels like home.

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AlMorrAmbassador in reply to backintime

I do remember you from years ago, it was around the time that I graduated from C25K, am still here on the forum and running.

This morning I ran my 33rd 10K, since graduating I have ran 75 parkruns, 8/10 miles runs and 1 half marathon, the HM was in memory of the late great Tim (IannodaTruffe) who sadly died last November.

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backintimeGraduate in reply to AlMorr

you're doing great Al, a real inspiration!

my furthest was 18k, before getting hit by a few life events, but I'll get back there.

I was very sad to read about Tim's death. He was a great person and C25K coach to many of us.

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Hi there and welcome back... :)

I know you... and you know me... so, well done you, and you know the form... slow and steady :)

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backintimeGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfloss, you know I am a snail, no need to remind me! Hope you are well.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to backintime

I am good thank you!!! We snails totally rock don't we... and we get there too ! xxx

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Welcome back…3rd times a charm 😉 …think I’m on my third time round too…my running has fallen by the wayside since I started working…time to fix it & what better to fix it with than another go at c25k???


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backintimeGraduate in reply to Mummycav

yes, 3rd time is the charm, I'm sure of it!!

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Welcome back! I'm about to start again too. I see it a bit like going back to basics for a jump start. Having completed the programme once (or twice), at least we now know it's achievable. Good luck! Here's to healthy living.

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Welcome back. Great to hear from you. Good luck with the programme. You’ll smash it x

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Welcome back onwards and upwards x

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Welcome back.. It's just like coming home 😊

I'm forever stopping & starting due to one health issue or another lately. But I always know its just a break rather than anything permanent.

At least with all these re-runs we have no doubt we can do it, enjoy 👍

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welcome back, I just joined this week and am loving the articles and seeing how normal people are running. I used to be a decent runner but not now but I’m really happy jiat being out, running at an utter snails pace and due to the forum realising it’s ok as somebody said to me ‘snails rock’ and am loving it ( it’s only my first week but I feel I’ve found my soul again and am so excited about going for my 3rd run this evening)

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backintimeGraduate in reply to Daggs

That's great! Sounds like you're rocking it. Did w2r2 yesterday w2r3 tomorrow!

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