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Week 1 Run 2 completed

Pleased I did this, have worked out that i can program the treadmill to increase to a set speed and back again at a push of the button. Makes it easier to do:)

Red faced and very sweaty but completed. Very wheezy on the way through but managed to keep going.

Thinking of doing my first outside run Sunday, any suggestions on what to wear? Normally just a t-shirt, shorts etc in the gym but might be a bit cold outside just wearing that.

Could put on two t-shirts and the longer shorts that will prob be enough, once I get going I expect I will be warm enough.

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I did all 9 weeks of the couch to 5k on a treadmill and have just started running outside but have had to go right back to week 1 as I found it so different and much harder. I think you are very wise to mix it. I just wear jogging bottoms, t-shirt and a hooded sweat jacket as you warm up quite quickly although I suppose it depends on what time you are going out. Good Luck


Well done Zagel, I'll have to have a look for that button on the treadmill....having to push the speed increase/decrease like a demon at the moment.

I'm going out tomorrow for w1 r3 too...good luck and let us know how it went :)


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