Park Runs - set a date to do it!

Just in case you haven't seen our ramblings on the Questions sections a few of us are going to do a Park Run on the same day & then post our achievements. Something to aim for and by saying 'out loud' we are doing it on X date will make us keep going and post our achievements afterwards.

Minutte & I will be are planning for the 26 May and TJFlute and JuiceyDee

the 2nd June....Are you going to join us????

Just love this site for encouragement :) :)

PS - had a good run today in daylight so loving the lighter mornings!!


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32 Replies

  • Oh my knees, my knees!!!!

    Want so much to join you! Will keep going with the exercises and maybe......

  • I have been checking out our local Parkrun Facebook page every week for the last 5 or 6 weeks intending to do one after graduation. Two weeks on and I'm still just checking it out.

    So-I will take this as a "virtual" push off the edge of the cliff and commit to it in writing- I'll do the 2nd of June (big night out on 25th May so first Parkrun on 26th less like jumping off a cliff and more like jumping from a plane with no parachute,,,,,,,,,)

  • Hey Magic - glad you'll be 'joining' me!! Which parkrun will you be doing? (mine is Gunnersbury, near Ealing)

  • Definitely a 'virtual' joining then- I will be in Edinburgh. NB note the definite 'I will be'!!

    I really have no excuse as it is a beautiful run, right on the coast.

  • I was thinking of doing one on the 5th May

    I've got a 10k on the 26th May, eeek!!

  • Dur got the wrong date... Sat 26 May. Thanks magicfee23 for letting us know. You are so right not to do it after a big night out!!!

  • Mary - Have committed to the 26 May but if I can find the confidence before I'll try one...the other day I may do (no guarantee!) would be the 5 May. Good luck with your 10K!!!

  • I've been looking at two nearest park runs and trying to pluck up the courage to try one. I'm still not committing but might do by then

  • What a great idea!! YES!! I'll do 26th May with you!! Gulp! What have I said??

  • i know it's scary isn't it?

  • Yay! :)

  • I keep toying with the idea, think I'll see how I feel after graduating......It does appeal - it's just a confidence thing, I think.

  • i agree. it is all about confidence...can i do the 5k, will i be last, can i turn up on my own when i don't know anyone else (this is the one that gets me)

  • Absolutely - I would be turning up on my own which can be quite intimidating. I sort of assume everyone else will be in groups or at least know other people there. The nearest park runs to me are far enough away that I am absolutely sure I will know no-one and it will also be somewhere totally unfamiliar. Still, running for 28 minutes was totally alien 8 weeks ago so I may feel braver soon !

  • Just a thought but some of us might actually be near each other and can join forces!

    I'm in Leeds

  • Good idea...I'm in Kent, Bromley is my nearest.

  • I'm also in Kent - whereabouts in Bromley is it ? I know there's one in Whitstable, which would actually be nearer for me. But I worry that I would be too slow to do one !

  • It's Normans Park, Bromley...about 10 mins of the A21 (towards Croydon)

  • Shoutingwoman meant to also say you can see what times are being done if you got the website and look at results. In Bromley there some runners doing it in over 40 mins so that has given me some hope that I may not be the last one.

  • I'm going to do the Leamington Spa one in May. Haven't set a date yet as I start a 10 week 10k course with a women's running group on May 3rd and I know they set homework. I'm hoping that a parkrun will constitute the right sort of homework but I won't know for sure till I start the course.

  • It's in my diary for the 26th May!!!

    I'm scared but excited, today I did 4K in 33 mins - just! But I'll build it up over the next few weeks, as long as I'm not last I'll be happy :) :) :)

    I'm in Manchester.

    Really looking forward to doing it and knowing that others from here will be running at the same time is a great incentive :)

  • That's good Minuette! I did 30 mins today and didn't manage 4k (have done before) think it was about 3.7k & Garmin is upstairs so can't be bothered to move my butt of the sofa and check. Have decided that on my shorter runs (love that I can say that 30 mins is a short run lol) I'm going to do hills to help with my stamina so need to accept at the mo this will impact distance. Next run I'm going to do 5k with the hope of doing it quicker than 39 mins (my best time so far) but will do it on the flat!!!

    I need the incentive of us all doing it!!! :) :)

  • Yes I need to do more running outside on inclines to help with my stamina too, especially before doing the parkrun as there are quite a few steep inclines on the run there - 5 weeks to go, I'd better get working!! :)

    I started running too fast today and then after 5 minutes realised my mistake but by then it was too late and I spent the rest of the run really tired, but at least I managed to get round and finish it. So that's a lesson learned for next week's long run!!

    It's really good that doing the parkrun gives us something to work towards :)

  • I am in Ealing (home of the Half Marathon!!) and my nearest parkrun is Gunnersbury - doesn't sound as if anyone is near here :-( but this is a fantastic challange AliB1!! I have pencilled several parkrun dates in my diary but have I been yet? No! Will I go on 2nd June - you bet!! Especially now I have been named!! I am slightly concerned however cos my local parkrun's latest times indicate no-one slower than 38 mins (I'm currently on 41 mins) - but hey I might get a cheer for being last :-) Guys - all sign up please!!!!

  • I just graduated today, managed just over 3k. my local park runs are timed 5k runs, so will I be running 5k by the 26th may??. only one way to find out, nottingham park run, here I come :)

  • ps might have to change to june 2nd if we get into the playoff final

  • I've just registered but I'm having problems - between current, hopefully short-lived injury, work and holidays - setting a date. Will probably have to aim for June 9.

  • I'm aiming to join a Parkrun on the 2nd of June, by then should be graduated and hopefully building up a good time of a 5km, if I come last then I know I'll have a good thing to chase :)

    Brilliant idea Ali, getting us committed.

  • I am toying with the idea of doing the Nottingham park run next Saturday 28th April. :-) Newpie I guess you are a county fan?

  • yes, still have my fingers crossed for the playoffs. hope to be joining you in a few weeks. have a good run on sat

  • honestly, you disappear for a couple of days and run a duff run, only to find when you make it back there's a loon planning a nationwide c25k take over of park runs! Lol :)

    Do you have a mini me?... :)

    I'll have to find one, Lincolnshire doesn't have them so guess I might be heading to Nottingham...

  • But the loon has got loads of people saying YAY lets go for it! Am quite excited at the prospect!

    Good to see you back!

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