New me! New you too?

Hi All!

I've just started the couch to 5k running challenge having spent most of my adult years as a sedentary smoker (13 years) with no real concern or desire to get fit!

In November this year my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I finally had the wake up call I've so desperately needed. I started with kicking the smoking and have not smoked cigarette since her diagnosis and now is the time for the other lifestyle changes - my dismal activity levels being the first of many! I'm on my second go at week 1 (I don't want to run before I can walk so to speak ;-)) and am looking forward to kicking it up a gear at the weekend!

I'm getting married in 2016 and desperately want to start a family too so I do have plenty of motivation but I'd love to hear from anyone in a similar boat and we can help each other change for life.

Good luck to everyone starting the challenge - I know we can all do it!


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12 Replies

  • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and welcome :) Look forward to following your journey

  • Fantastic story about how you made up your mind to change. I think most of us here can agree that we needed to make significant life changes. I am 52, three grown up children and hated PE at school, running was horrible and then spent most of my adult life avoiding moving and maximising chances for munching tasty food. Result was that my weight grew to 14 1/2 stone and I am not tall enough to look good at that weight. Thankfully, my health has been excellent - blood pressure and heart good but it was only a matter of time and so, like u, I decided to get moving! Bi have lost 23 lbs mostly through calorie counting - recommend My Fitness Pal - a great free App. I have 21 lbs to lose too!

    I started C25K and found it hard but my confidence and fitness grew each week. I even graduated and now run three times every week, a running miracle.

    Keep going, you will feel so different after running and although you might feel you hate it, it is seriously addictive!


  • Wow, thanks Julie! Your story is inspiring! You've clearly come an incredibly long way, 23lbs is remarkable! You must be so very proud of yourself!

    Well done, I'd love to hear how youre getting on! ☺️

  • Wow... well done and just go for it. You can with your determination surely make it! :)

  • Im in your boat too. Ive joined stop smoking wales and started the couch to 5k.

    Join us here as theres a few of us.

  • Thanks so much, this will be really helpful to me in the coming months! I really appreciate it! ☺️

  • Well done! You can do it and it's great that you're looking after your health at a young age. My wake up call was watching my mum die of lung cancer through smoking. I am 14 stone, aged 55 and had smoked 25 a day for 30 years before I gave up a few years ago. Stopping smoking and starting moving has been the best thing I've done. I feel and look so much better, I don't get chest infections any more and I've had so much support from other runners. Runners are the nicest people! At park run they all encourage me as they whizz past me lumbering on and they all make me feel as if I'm doing something amazing just by trying. Good luck! Hope your mum gets better x

  • Aw thank you so much for this post. I know I've come to the right place - you're so right, everyone has been really helpful and motivating. Your story is so encouraging and I'm so grateful to hear from you. I am also very sorry to hear about your mum, I cant begin to imagine what that must have been like. I am sure she will have been very proud of your change and focus. Keep up the excellent work! I've just been for my last run of week 1, technically my 6th☺️ but my wise mum tells me slow and steady wins the race 👍🏼 She's recovering well from surgery and will begin radiation in the new year - it's all looking very promising. 2016 WILL be a good year! Happy new year! X

  • Don't stop moving, everybody's grooving

    Get Laura plugged in and go .............. and keep going slowly through this stellar programe. Eat healthily and the new you will begin to emerge. You will soon start to feel the benefits.

    Good luck

  • Welcome aboard ! Stopping smoking and doing this programme have changed my life sooo much !

    Keep posting, looking forward to following your progress . Good luck , and I hope your Mum makes a full recovery xxx

  • Thanks so much for your message! I'm so reassured to see that others have been / are in the same boat. It makes a huge difference to me! ☺️ Thanks!! Xxx

  • So, nearly a year on a wanted to post a little update...

    My mum's surgery went very well and she was given the theoretical 'all clear'.

    I got married in June, the best day of my life (so far!) and I am still a very determined and proud non-smoker!

    I haven't run since the wedding though (sad times) BUT, I have good reason! My Husband and I discovered the day after the wedding that we were expecting! I'm now nearly 31 Weeks, due the first week of Feb and I could not be happier!! I WILL start running again a few months after we've had baby and I'm really looking forward to it! I know I could have kept running but as much as I was enjoying it, it was always quite an exertion for me and I just didn't want do anything to put my body under too much strain whilst growing this tiny, perfect human.

    There's been a lot of talk about 2016 not being a good one for a lot of people but I will never forget this year! What a turning point for me!

    I hope that everyone here is working toward or achieving their wonderful goals too! Don't give up!! Xx

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