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A pain in the ankle

I have finally got new insoles that they physio has recommeded to help with the ankle pain I have been suffering with since January. I have been running once a week...usually...but have found my motivation has dipped these past few weeks.

I'm planning a 4k tomorrow with insoles - although I've been wearing them in my regular shoes all week I am yet to try them in my trainers, so hopefully they fit OK! There is a 'sporty' version of them also but I will buy them after I have an idea of whether or not they are helping with my ankle.

Anywho...I am wondering whether or not to start on a programme again or maybe even 'the' programme. I know tomorrow I could happily go out and run 5k, so maybe c25k isn't ideal for me. I'm really just looking something varied and fun to follow I guess!

I don't think now until my ankle is back to normal if it is really best to start another 10k programme and start building up the miles. Maybe I should just do up a spread sheet and make up my own weekly 5k maintenace programme!

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OOooh I do hope that the ankle pain subsides with the new insoles.

I think it would be fun to make up your own 5k maintenance programme, like you suggest. You could have some shorter runs of 20 minutes, some intervals (walking and jogging rather than sprinting, to save the ankle), and some 5k's.

The new podcasts are soon out too and these could be quite interesting to mix it up.

Let us know what you do.

Good luck with the ankle x



Well yesterdays run went well, I was worried that my toes would take a bashing as they were pushed forward almost to the very front of my trainers once my insoles were put in, but once I was running they didn't slide forward any further.

My left arch was quite sore with the insoles (only while running) and I could feel my skin rubbing on both the arch supports...although the blisters aren't as bad today as I thought they would be! I might just need to build up a tougher layer of skin there now!

I took the insoles out of my Brooks trainers to put in my orthoheels and was very disappointed to discover they weren't more fancy! There was some writing on them pointing out special features in the heel and they are for flat footed runner, but the look and feel of it was just your normal not well spent in my opinion!


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