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Repeating Week One

Hi All..

I started the first week this week and did my second run(shuffle I wont even call it a jog!) and am wondering should i Just repeat the first week again next week...Im 39 overweight and never excised before..Im finding it Very hard and Im half afraid Im going to have a heartattack as Im gasping for breath as I shuffle my 60 seconds and my legs felt like Jelly Im assuming this is my body in complete and utter shock ., Has anyone else repeated weeks before they moved.

Thanks in advance for any advice..

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hi, I have just started the c25k programme and re-did the first week because my partner started as well. I was happy to do this and felt it gave me more time to adjust to the running sections. Good luck to you it doesn't matter if you do every week twice over as long as you carry on and enjoy it and reap the benefits. angie.


You can repeat any week as many times as you think fit. It really doesn't matter because you are still puttng one foot in front of the other and DOING something really positive, just for you.

Well done on starting and let us know how you get on.



I have just started (did first run today) and thinking of repeating wk1 just to build my confidence. I am not in a rush to complete this, but I plan on completing it.


I did week one again and it really helped. I have also repeated W2R3 a couple of times. My logic is that I'm not in a hurry and I want to feel relatively comfortable (!) before I move on. I know that some people speed through in real time but this is for my health and I intend to be a runner for the rest of my life. I felt terrible during my first runs - it gets better! Well done and good luck.


I'm on my second week of week one. On the first day I could only do two of the runs. Today I did six. I'm going to repeat week one till I have done eight runs three times, just like the original week one. I don't care how long it takes, because I'm still moving more than when I started, and I will finish it eventually!


Nice to hear I'm in the same boat. I started off last week and this week I'm repeating week 1 again. I haven't done all the runs yet for week one but I'm improving - and like you say, as long as we're moving...! I feel, for me, if I move onto the next week before my body can cope with the first week I won't be fit enough yet and I'm more likely to feel discouraged and give up. There's a good chance I'll be on week 1 next week as well, but I plan to complete it properly before I move on.

Good luck folks and thanks for the encouragement.


Thanks for all the replys...Im more happy in myself now as I want to do the programme but as Bananage said If i did move on I would feel discouraged and give up..Today is a rest day and Im looking forward to tomorrows W1R3 but I will do Week One again next week ( and ever week I feel Im not ready to move up, so Im bouncing with confidence instead of dreading stepping up a week.....I think thats the key for me now...Thanks all..xx


Someone on another forum I belong to gave me this great quote -

"No matter how slow I'm going, I'm still lapping the person on the couch".

To me that sums it up, it doesn't matter if you need to repeat weeks, the point is that you are actually doing exercise and any exercise is better than none :)


Can you do walking instead as running is not for me as i have a bad knees , so how far would i need to walk to start myself off on week one ..Paula


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