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Week 6 finished in the rain

Oh what a night, knowing i had W6R3 to run today and i kept dreaming about it last night. In my dreams i never finished, i would get half way through and i got to a locked door and couldnt get through it so had to stop the run. Then people got in my way and i had to stop.

So the morning came, i felt a bit bunged up and a sore throat and the wind and rain are evident, but couldnt back out.

I had decided to use the walk to school as a warm up so i could run a different route. So i had a 15 minute fast warm up before i started running. I was quite wet before i even started but my darling husband has lent me his Rab jacket which is lovely and warm.

I started my nike GPS and stood still until i got Laura on then started the run. After a few minutes i felt good for a while then started to feel it so i started the ABC game mentioned on here the other day, got stuck on E so had to wait until i saw someone had to look at their eyes, then i popped a finger out that was hiding in my jacket for F. The game did help but it was so difficult looking for things to use.

The wind was getting nasty so at times i was grateful when a bush would shelter me for a while. I was getting damp but not really feeling it and the jacket was great, think it would be too hot on a dry day.

I never felt that i actually needed to walk but it was going on and on, didnt really manage a speed up for the last minute as i had a head wind but i did it. Had to stand still and stop the GPS, i had run 3.86 km in 25 mins, so really pleased with that. I think at one point earlier on i did think about speeding up, but thankfully Laura came on and said not to push it so i kept at the same speed, so glad i did as i dont think i would have finished if had gone faster.

Into the garden for my 5 minute cool down and some stretches and hey ho "i'm a runner"

So enjoyed the hot shower after, my trousers were soaking, hadnt realised when i was running how bad, and now i sit here with a warm glow. Really good feeling, dont know why i dread it so much, its not life or death so if i cant do it i will just try again next time.

I love reading all your blogs it does inspire me how you get through each week. Not sure how i will get on in Week 7 but thats another week, (well 2 days away) so will enjoy my achievement of today for now.

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That's really a great run, and in the rain too: you're much braver than me!


I think you will do well in week 7 - if your positive attitude towards week 6 is anything to go by. And that's a great pace too :-)


Wow that's a great time :)

The thought of doing it can be more difficult than the reality which is usually so much easier, so it's a mental thing going on rather than a physical one. Good luck for week 7, I think you'll be great :)


Thanks everyone, still feel good but my bum is a bit tender.


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