Couch to 5K

Pain in inner ankle/lower leg

Hi everyone, I hope ur enjoying the c25k challenge as much as I am (on wk 9 r 2). I was experiencing problems with numb toes in previous running shoes, so I had a gait analysis and found I 'over pronate' and needed a bigger show than I usually wear to run in. Sweatshop were brill and I got a new pair of trainers and bespoke insoles. I went out for my first run and I developed pain in my ankle and lower (inner) right leg. It's been two days since my last run and it still hurts. Could this be because my legs are adjusting to new footwear and after a few runs will go away? Just wondered if any of u had experienced/knowledge of this? Thanks :0)

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It sounds like it. Have you tried wearing them around the house and on walks? Also lots of stretching!


Thanks for taking the time to Sarah. I really don't want to give up - only two runs from 'graduating' and i see running a part of my life now :). My calf feels tight and woke me up hurting this morning. I am meant to be running tonight but prob best to rest till recovered? I'll start wearing my trainers more throu the day and hopefully this will help :)


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