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back to the start after injury

Hi all went back to week 1 run 1 today after injury boy did i suffer. When i came to the last 3 60 second runs i felt like giving up. I thought no you have done the frist 5 60 second runs you can do the last 3.

Yes i did it but i must remember to strech before i do the warm up walk how silly of me.

Roll on Wednesday for the next one and yes i will stretch first

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Well done toonfan for getting back to it.

Take it nice and steady and you will get there.

When you get injured its so easy to lose motivation so again well done.

Keep us posted on your progress.



Yay! Knew there had to be another Saint. COYRs!


3 nil up against posh.

listening on solent.

9.15 tue night

they never give up running!


Hi Toonfan, well done for coming back to it! Make sure you are well recovered from injury, and take it nice and easy to start with. Good luck :)


Its always hard when coming back from injury so don't be too hard on yourself, though it sounds as if you are going to do just fine.

Good luck with your next run.


Well done for having the determination to get back out there.

Don't push yourself too hard or worry if you have to repeat a week, you'll get there, but as everyone has said, take it steady.

Good luck


Well done for getting back to it. Take it easy and keep posting so we can encourage you to keep going.


may need the encouragemetn to keep going i tend to give up after a while


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