The kindness of strangers - Ramblings of a new Graduate :)

I posted my Graduation quickly earlier today, thank you very very much to all of you, I had a couple of things to say which I didn't have time for earlier :)

I'm still smiling about the achievement of the last 9 weeks, I have my best friend to thank for showing me the C25K podcasts as it opened up a whole new world, not just the running but talking about running (daily) having unexpected additions to the wardrobe (leggings!!?) and a GPS tracking device lol and social media too - I'll come back to that in a minute.

It has not been an easy 9 weeks, 27 battles with mind and body; sweating, huffing and puffing, exhaustion, hurting, embarrassment of wobbly bits, stiff and aching muscles, avoiding mirrors, frustration, disappointment, clear evidence of loss of sanity (since when was running fun? And when did the need to join organised races happen? And that is me writing a blog thinking about a marathon?) not managed to quit the smokes yet, laughter and the odd emotional moment (quite a few reading and supporting your posts)

I'm fitter, I have changed shape (although the odd tyre effect that has developed in my tummy area is not amusing! Fat use should be by direction not left for the body to choose all by itself! Lol ) I have more energy and most importantly I feel really, really good about myself.

Now you.

I firmly believe I would not have done this without you all. I have never used a social online community before, I don't even have a Facebook page. Everyone here's support, comments, empathy and encouragement has been enjoyed and gratefully received. There's a particular group of you that have been with me since the beginning, back in the days of a couple hundred members. I have looked for your posts every day, you are graduates, long time runners or just a couple of weeks away, you are curry eating, wine drinking, secret keeping, chocolate eating, treadmill running (get outside! ;) ), bear hunting, 10k running, tattooed, Garmin watch owning... (did I cover everyone? :) )

The kindness of strangers... very fine people who have given me a daily reminder that the world is full of good people.

I did this with you all. Heart felt - Thank you. (virtual hug)


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  • congratulations! it really is such a friendly community here and thankYOU for supporting me as a relative newcomer that had very little faith in the beginning x

    looking forward to reading your blogs about that marathon you mentioned...;-)

  • That is wonderful, well done on graduating x

  • Congratulations. And speaking as a non-tattooed, bear lover, with lots of wobbly bits: Go You! You should be really proud of yourself.

  • Fab blog! I'll be jealous if you get your badge before me!!! Though I use Facebook I've never used online forums like this before...the support is awesome & as you say what helps us all when we need it and celebrates your successess with you :) Keep up the good work Bxster...truly think you deserve a curry and wine to celebrate !!!

  • very well done i cant wait to join you on friday .

  • Excellent achievement, been there with you since the early days and will be with you in the days/weeks to come. Thank you too for being there :)

  • As a complete newcomer, I haven't met the bears or tattoos yet, but can I just say that I admire you for what you have achieved, and respect you for the kindness you show in your post. Congratulations!!

  • What a lovely post!!! makes me wish I'd been there from the beginning - but so many good wishes for you anyway. I feel exactly the same about this forum :-)

  • Ha ha! Great blog and so pleased that you have graduated. There should be a few badges given out tomorrow :)

    Look forward to exchanging post C25K experiences.

    Well done!

  • aw bless. well done you on graduating and feeling supported. xx

  • Hey we all got our badges :)


  • Well done, and great Blog !

  • Congratulations! Its fab, isn't it :)

  • congratulations ) youve worked really hard for your badge :)

  • Well done! How I can echo so much what you've said. The support from you and others here is what has kept me (and my now revealed secret!) going too. Running in your footsteps to get my badge (although Poppy will have to wait a couple of weeks for hers as she's off to the vet tomorrow :( - just as well she's super fit now :) ).

  • Bless you! :) Massive congratulations on your great achievement, and thank YOU for being such a big part of this community :)

  • And thank YOU for all your support and kind words. I too have found this forum full of kind people and you are a big part of it. Well done on graduating you have done so well. Keep running, do the races and cheers and best wishes for everything you do xxx

  • Brilliant blog :-) This is one of the friendliest and most supportive forums I've been on and I love it :-) I do hope that I can join you in the hall of hallowed graduates in a few weeks :-D

  • Fantastic blog! I agree about this forum - the posts are all positive and no nastiness anywhere! Thank you to everyone from me too :-) and well done for graduating!

  • Oh my days, Lump in throat ! What a lovely lovely LOVELY post. I wish I had your way with words :) Congratulations, What a feeling, You have done amazingly well and kept us all smiling too :) I love reading your posts, I am so glad to "know" so many like minded people who are like know, a bit "special!" by that I mean Normal.....oh god I mean, we are real people who like the good things in life as well as all the challenges. I love vodka, I love fish and chips, I love lounging on the sofa in my pyjamas (doing that right now), I love going out with my friends and being really silly :) I am normal and I love that you all are too :) :) :) I am ranting but you have started me off now.........I virtually love you all :)

  • How many smileys??!!

  • Aaaaaaaaah!

    Sums it all up so beautifully.Well said.

    And thank YOU for your brilliant blogs over the weeks.


  • * you are a star *

    Congratulations again on Graduating and a big thank you for your post, inspiring :)

  • Congrats! Really loved reading your blogs. Looking forward to more stories as you explore your new runnng grounds.

  • Ooh what a fantastic blog, you've summed up this forum so well. It's great having a mix of newbies and the more experienced (I've picked up so many tips from them).

    I too, always look forward to reading your post-run blogs, so huge congrats on making it to the end & good luck for all future runs.

  • Ditto all the above comments. I love reading your musings... You express so well what lots of us are feeling!

  • I truly second this!!! Ha ha looks like we've been travelling our journeys at similar times (I graduated 8days ago) as I recognise all the fab and helpful characters you allude to!! ::high five:::

  • What a great blog! I have really enjoyed reading your running journey and look forward to hearing how you progress.... now that you are a graduate! It's really good to know that you have found the forum a big help :)

  • well done! congratulations! hope you keep posting! keep watching, the graduate badges will be pinging into view soon for everyone else x

  • Another great blog, get my tissue out, you are so right about the people on this site. I'm not a facebook user either but relied heavily on another site for support for a while for other reasons, but that's another story. This is a wonderful community here, all with similar aims and always someone to say just the right thing. I've left a post on your graduation blog but Congratulations again, you so deserve a treat now. I'm sure you will keep blogging so I'll be following the further exploits of Bxster :)

  • Congratulations! Its a great feeling graduating, your right about this forum. It is so supportive and encouraging! I check it everyday because I genuinely want to see how people are getting on!

    I do hope you carry on blogging on here

    Mary xx

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