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Mmm Ahhh. Just a Little Bit. A Little Bit More!

I came across a reference on this site to "Map My Run", a Google-based app that allows you to plan a run and distance, or measure one you already completed. First off, thanks for the great info and advice available here!

I have done exactly two entire runs so far (that's 16 minutes! plus the "brisk walk"), and was a little surprised that even with an inhaler, the second run seemed every bit as hard as the first, when I didn't have the inhaler.

I compared my two routes and discovered why: my first trip was 2.6km, on a gentle hill, and my second route was 2.8km, and was steeper. I thought perhaps I wasn't improving, but it looks like I ran faster and harder the second time, explaining why I felt like a sauteed mushroom by the end, all pungent and droopy.

I am looking forward to there being less pain, wheezing, and hacking, but am encouraged to discover I am improving even in my first 2 runs. I would not have known about it without this community, so I have yet another reason to be thankful for all of you here.

Today, I am scheduled for week 1, run 3, and it is snowing again. I think I prefer it to the sleet two days ago, so perhaps this one will feel a bit better. :) It is going to be pure pleasure when I get a chance to run with the sun shining!

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Loving the sauteed mushroom look :-)...... Glad you found the app/website useful. I used to get in my car and drive my routes to measure them!

Well done on getting started and on your determination to keep going - it will stand you in very good stead!

Lots of info, advice and positive vibes on here, so do keep posting.... you will undoubtedly improve - thought there will always be another challenge round the corner!!


Well done on keeping going and discovering what has got the rest of us hooked- no matter how hard it feels every run is an improvement. Heck just getting off the couch and going out the door each time is an improvement on past couch potato behaviour, especially when faced with snow like you are!

Slightly sick as it sounds though enjoy the snow and cold while it lasts. Turns out I am one of those runners who sweat buckets and turn beetroot with every run so (much as I'd never have thought it when I started out on this programme in the cold and dark of January) I now far prefer a grey wet day to running in the sun- even cold sun.

Never had to tackle full on snow though so good on you and savour each run for the achievement it is :-)


Lol... I live in Oz and my very first run in January was 32 degrees! My hardest run I think... Love running at dusk as the day cools.


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