Couch to 5K

Graduation - Part II

This has been my Wk12.

I ran 25mins on Tuesday, all the training plans seem to have a short one like this, and it's nice to have a run that isn't going to be challenging. Then on Thursday I tried some intervals. I only managed a couple but it was a good run, I included a steeper section and even speeded up at the end - in fact I felt so comfortable that when the alarm went for 30 mins I was tempted to keep going, except that I was nearly home.

I headed out for my 'long run' this morning, planning to add two minutes again, up to 36 mins. I felt pretty good, and when I got home and measured the run I found it was just over a 5k. So now I've graduated over the distance as well :)

It took me 10 weeks to finish the programme, and another 3 to get to 5k - I've lost another four pounds over these three weeks, so that's 21 down. I actually look like the other runners I see now :)

I think if I try more intervals and build up to 40 mins at weekends my pace over 5k should improve. Still looking forward to the new podcasts though!

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Wow Sarah - sounds brilliant! I still haven't gone over the 5k barrier but will do next week (I'm following an 'unbranded' Bridge to 10k programme). It looks like intervals and mixing up the types of run is the way forward - I must get out there on my favourite (groan) hill and do some up and down work!

I also wanted to remind you to apply for your C25K 'Graduate' badge..... you have definitely earned it!!


Thanks! I hadn't spotted that but I've put my order in now :)


What post C25K programme are you following? I've just finished week 8 and need to start looking for something else before Laura's new podcasts come out. I won't reach 5k in the 9 weeks - more like 3.7k but I'm ok with that (I think!!) I just need to find a way to build on the C25K and keep myself going.


I did download the ones that Andystev posted on here - if you do a search for his name they come up.

But in fact I haven't used them yet, the first couple of weeks after week 9 I had a cold then a sore piriformis muscle so I didn't want to push myself, I either repeat Wk9 or listen to the radio on my phone with a timer set to tell me when I've been running for the right length of time. Today I went out with it set to beep at 5 mins, 36 mins, and 5 mins.

Weirdly,my fastest paced runs are to Classic FM!


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