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Graduation time :o)

Well, I've taken longer than I wanted for weeks 7/8/9 due to the end of summer hols so back to work, weekend commitments and some evening meeting.... but tonight.... I completed my 3rd 5K run. I am so delighted. I am slow, it takes me just over 40 mins but I did it!

I never believed it was possible the first time I ran and struggled with 20 seconds. I have followed Laura's advice all along and am delighted that it has worked. I am very proud of myself. I'll keep up the running which I am really enjoying now and aim to slowly increase my speed over the same distance before going further.

Thanks to everyone on here for their support and comments. There have been times when I kept going when I was tempted to give up during a tough run, just to be able to come back on here and say that I'd done it.

This pig is flying.......................... :o)

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Congratulations, Cornish_piglet. Well done on the three 5K runs for your graduation. It's a great achievement to run 5km, no matter how long it takes you (and a great feeling, isn't it!).


Well done!! It's great that you are doing 5k already!! I graduated a couple of weeks ago but have only managed 5k a couple of times. Enjoy your graduation!!


Superb performance, Cornish!!! How long it took isn't as important as the fact that you have finished!! Get comes the fun part...polishing that new "Graduate" badge!


Flying pigs! Oh my!!! :-) CONGRATULATIONS CORNISH_PIGLET! :-) Wear the badge with pride!!!! I posted under questions who graduated this week. Please add your name. Smhall and myself did along with several others. Thought it would be neat to look in a year and see where are Graduating class is!


Very very well done - I'm impressed - what a nice shiny badge (Oh and your shirt should arrive tomorrow!)


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