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Pain in the butt

So I just finished Week3 and I'm well chuffed .... I am now 1/3 of the way through my FatAss2FitAss Programme.

Now to address the pains. Week 1 it was a pain in the right butt cheek, Week 2 it moved to the left and Week 3 it's back to the right again ! I slipped a disc 10 years ago so I'm thinking it's related to back and sciatica issues of old and maybe bad posture. So it's off the Gait Analysis folk for me to address the bad posture and shoes. Can anyone recommend stretches or exercises to assist with or help avoid butt pain ?

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SQUATS!! You need to do squats... and stretch your hamstrings/ your glutes and your hip flexors... have a look online, I am sure there will be some videos of how to do them properly.

I have had lower back pain issues in the past, including sciatic pain and my physio always recommends doing squats to strengthen/ balance out the muscles in your butt!

Good luck!



If you google 'piriformis stretches' there are some that target the muscle that can pinch the sciatic nerve - worked like magic on me :)


laying on your back with your knees held tight to your chest & rocking your hips from side to side helps me when I get lower back/bum pain. I do this after a run if I can feel niggles.

good luck X


Thanks all. I called my Sports Injury Therapist brother and he recommended all the same moves - and he's well impressed with all your knowledge :-)


Ah I feel you pain as I also suffer from this! I have been going to a Pilates class once a week and found that it helps alot. I had to stop running last year because of this. Have been going to physio and working on stengthening my lower back. Im now back running and coming to the end of week 5 and so far fingers crossed my back and butt pain has been ok. Hope you get it sorted soon :)


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