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Pain in the...ankle...


I'm on week 7 and loving it still, can't believe each time I do a run. Only niggle is my right ankle / side of the heel is giving me a bit of jip (that's northern for pain!) after the run. I'm using ice, anti-inflam gel and taking 2 days between runs. Should I be doing anything else to rid this pain? Should I worry or keep going? It doesn't stop me walking, it's not that bad, but I don't want it to become a problem. See how committed I am to finishing this programe?!

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Helloooo!! Bit of jip! Haven't heard that for a while!!! Have you got proppa shoes?! I was getting pain in bottom of my foot after a run until I got gait analysis and proppa shoooz!!! Haven't looked back. Apart from that I don't really know what to suggest. Don't run on it if painful though. May end up with nasty injury. Hope it gets sorted for you.

NorthernspiritGraduate in reply to Toonlou24

Thanks :) have got proper shoes, think I might use a tubi-grip on said ankle when running to add a bit of support. Bottom of my foot is fine, it's on the side, maybe just me needing to strengthen up. Trying not to be nesh! There's another word for you :)

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Northernspirit

Ooooh. What's nesh mean??!!! Where are you from?! Is my Geordie slipping??!!!!

NorthernspiritGraduate in reply to Toonlou24

Ha! Lancashire :) it means soft, a wimp :)


Hi Spirit, I had problems with my left ankle when I started the programme. It used to drive me flippin' nuts !

I used to have 2 or 3 rest days in between and used Ibuprofen Gel at night before I went to bed. I also wore a support bandage on it when I ran.

After a while the pain just disappeared and not had any trouble with it since. Just a question of building up overall strength I think.

Good Luck and hope it clears up soon :-) xxx

NorthernspiritGraduate in reply to poppypug

Hi poppy! That's really good to know, I will add the bandage idea thank you! I desperately want to keep running :) thanks for the tip x

poppypugGraduate in reply to Northernspirit

Youre welcome :-) Hope it works xxx

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