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W2R3 Take two - a pain in the butt

Well as I've started to go down with a cold, I was probably looking for an excuse not to go, hence my post in the Questions but Fingalo and Gayle talked me out of it (thank you both) and I forced myself out of the front door.

Wore an extra layer and thicker jogging bottoms than usual which kept me warm enough plus I had my buff over my half my face. I couldn't help but wonder, with my black beany hat, thick gloves and dark clothing what people must think. I half expect a police car to pull up beside me and drag me along for questioning!

Anyway, back to the run. Got round ok. In the last 90 second burst I couldn't help but wonder how I'm going to get through 3 minutes. Friday's challenge

When I got on to my warm down walk, I started to become aware of a pain in the right buttock, not to put to fine a point on it. Assume it's a muscular ache as opposed to anything else. Not very pleasant and not sure I could run through it. Hope it doesn't resume on Friday.

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Love the image of you risking getting pulled over by the police!

Well done on getting out there: I had to force myself out the door today too. The sense of achievement's great afterwards, isn't it?

Can't give you much advice about the butt problem. You might try some arnica cream... great for bruising and overworked muscles.


Glad you got out Pam; it always feels extra good when you make that push to do so depsite feeling like cr*p!

As for the pain in the bum, it could be piriformis syndrome. I got this for a while when I started out and though it didnt stop me running it was painful to sit and there was always that deep ache in my butt cheek ;) I used arnica gel to help ease it along with specific stretches for this muscle and that helped it to eventually go and now I never have the problem. I still incorporate these stretches in my cool down even now. Check out this link to see if it may be what you have.



I echo Sue's advice! :-) I remember having that pain the earlier weeks as well. Hubby Steve will tell you I'm still a pain in the butt. ;-) Glad you went ahead and went out, sometimes we feel better when we do. Don't worry about the extended minutes coming up. Just like this run, you went out and did it! :-) Just go slow and believe in yourself. I hope the run helped knock that nasty cold to the wayside! Gayle


:D :D At least with all this running Gayle it will be nice taut butt now so am sure Steve wont be complaining too much!! ;)



Haha Sue! I think I will always have a "fluffy butt" ;-) you will never guess where I have toned though...I am far from large busted anyway, and now I had to take in my bra! Luckily, the cup size seems to be staying the same! Probably more info then I needed to share on here! ;-)


Thanks for the link, Sue. Certainly sounds plausible although I didn't have any problems sitting down. The pain stopped as soon as I stopped running or walking and it didn't come back just walking normally for the last couple of days. I'll try a couple of the stretches before I go out tomorrow and see if that helps.

Week 3 starts tomorrow so I definitely be taking the jogging speed down several notches!


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