Tight butt!

Hi y'all.

So I ran 5.3k on Friday, 4k on Saturday, walked 7.5 hilly muddy Mendip miles on Sunday and ran 5k this morning - and boy does my butt feel it!

I wish I had done the same as useit and taken some photos 6 months ago to make a ccomparison now (it must be time for the reveal soon useit!). I'm not vain or confident but I'm sure this running business is doing some good!

:-) xx


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15 Replies

  • Of course it is! You use your glutes (can't spell the full thing!) to run so they will get a work out, hence your butt drops off PDQ if you keep running. Your middle will get trim as well so keep up the good work

  • I wish I had a bigger bottom tbh! It hopefully might be a bit more peachy nowadays :)

    And the middle is definately looking better, so that's all good

    :) xx

  • Good on ya Pink ! You cant beat a PB ! ( Peachy Bum ) Ha ha :-) xxx

  • Hehe :) xx

  • I had a look in the mirror the other day and the cellulite is still not attractive. Still, the jeans are now comfortable again after the festive excesses ... no big reveal unless I've got something to brag about!!!!

  • Do what all the celebs do and post a body double!

  • What a brilliant idea! No-one would ever know. Keep watching for a post from me in March then and don't tell anyone my secret!!

  • My lips are sealed!

  • Ah yes, those festive pounds.. at least us lot who are now runners :) hopefully find them easier to adios!

  • wow you have been busy! but doing you and your butt loads of good! I was thinking the same thing about photos, my trousers are a bit loose round there nowadays! :)

  • Time to consider a smaller size perhaps? I've now reached that stage - it's been a good many years since I bought size 12 gear, so I'm well chuffed!

    And I have a feeling that my chubby touching thighs are now no longer as touchy as they were

    :):) xx

  • That's a lot of miles pinkangel! I'm sure your butt is thankful for it!

  • Indeed.. and it and the rest of me will be thankful for a rest tomorrow! :)

  • How on earth can you take a pic of your own bum? Even with a mirror, it can't be easy! Nah, just rejoice in the fact that it's getting smaller and more muscular! Well done, Pink Angel!

  • I see what you mean.. I rejoice every time I finish a run, that's for sure :-)

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