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Some rest day advice!

I'm keen to let all of you other C25K'ers know about a small mistake I've made - so that you don't make the same one!

So, anyway, after my 20 minute running exertion yesterday evening, I was buzzing to run again - and get that same rush of blood and endorphins and adrenaline once more. So, I hopped on the running machine this morning with the aim of doing a fairly simple and easy 5 minute run, followed by a small break and then maybe 15 minutes after that. Well - after 10 minutes I was staggering along with a stich too.

Decided to give it a rest. So, my tip is leave some time between runs - a good day at least, and don't run straight after a large bowl of cornflakes too!! :-) lol

I decided to play tennis later, so was okay for that, although now I am sitting down it is nice to have a rest. I feel like its been all go since I commited to running. The only problem is that I've got exam revision to do - and running AND exams don't always mix!!

Anyway, I must get on with it this evening. Thanks!

chrisjohnsonrunnerboy :-)

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I think running will help your revision....when you're doing the longer runs in a week or so, its amazing what thoughts and ideas bounce around in your head!

Good to get away from the books/laptop and get oxygenated!

On your rest days do cycling/swimming anything non-impact so your joints/muscles can recover. I find rowing flat out for 15-20 minutes does the trick!

Good luck with the program and your exams!!!!!!

(don't know how to do smiley face....sorry!)


Thanks... maybe getting out and about is beneficial for revision - I guess it will help me to clear my head a bit!! Interestingly enough, I already do a lot of cycling for a road cycling club (TTs and on my MTB) - so that's a good idea. The smily face :-) is a semi colon: , a dash- and an open bracket )

Thanks for your support


Hey Chris, your blog makes me feel exhausted! Oh to be young and fit again :)

Agree with gypsy about the rowing. I whack up the music and imagine I am in the Oxford/Cambridge boat race. Fantastic for stamina and breathing.

Just don't overdo it. Running, cycling, tennis, revision....yikes!


Crikey! I am shattered just thinking about all that stuff going on in your life ;)


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