Let's talk about socks

I just had to blog about the lovely socks I was recommended when I got my new trainers! They are Balega Enduro Quarter - cost about £10 a pair (yikes!) but they feel g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s; so soft and light. I got one pair to see how I liked them, but have just ordered 2 more (a tiny bit cheaper on Amazon) as they were in the wash this morning and I had to wear an old scratchy pair that just weren't the same.

Looks like there's always something to spend money on in this game!!

4 Replies

  • Wow! Thanks for the tip on that. I like the socks that decathlon the sports shop sell. They're soft and comfortable

  • Oo!! Interesting! I'll have a look at those!

  • I bought the same socks on Monday and wore them for my run. They are really comfy!

  • I get Asics ones half price from sports direct

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