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Week 8, Run2........... What a difference

How can it be so different from one day to the next?

I had to fit in a run last night so I would be able to complete week 8 tomorrow with a rest day in between so I can go away on my jollies on Saturday morning without having to squeeze in another run before leaving for the airport. I was toying with the idea of going for a run before work but I worked out that I would have to get up at about 4.30am in order to stretch, get out, do the run, return, stretch, shower and get out to arrive at work on time. I was quite positive about getting up earlier than normal until I had to factor a shower in. Longish hair takes a little more time to wash and dry etc and straightening is a must if I want to avoid looking like a complete loon in a professional environment! So that idea went out the window. And anyway, I'd have only got into a "who gets up earlier" fight with B3any_Boy and AliB1 which Bxster would have had to intervene in!

Trouble is, the thought of working a 12.5 hour shift and then doing a run when I get home lacked appeal. And even though my work day was more relaxed than usual, the thought of pounding the streets when I got home just didn't do it for me.

I'm not a street pounder you see. The most road work I've done to date is about 500 metres before branching off along a canal. The thought of all those people seeing me gasp my way past their homes holds little appeal. It could frighten young children and animals too! And I've never, ever run at night before. My thinking has always been to get up and get out before I can think about excuses not to go!

But.................. Needs must and all that. I do, after all have my holiday coming up! :-)

So, with a planned route of the streets done in advance, out I went. I was pretty worked up and angry as I left the house having just raised hell with my youngest daughter who'd done some misdemeanor or other during the day so I was cussing and chuntering away to myself about the inconsideration of kids as I left the house for an extremely brisk walk. I was still chuntering and cussing as I started my run.

And the most amazing thing happened. My stress levels dropped right away and I discovered that I was actually running comfortably and at complete ease with myself, even up the slight inclines. Ok, maybe not quite so comfortably up the inclines but a whole load better than usual!

Now, you have to bear in mind that, as I was running the streets and people could see me, I think I ran with a slightly bigger stride than my usual shuffle - there are a surprising number of old men walking their dogs at 10pm at night!

Sadly, the cooler temperatures made no difference to my beetroot face and I could clearly be seen, glowing as I ran so no chance to hide myself away in the dark then! It's a wonder aircraft didn't try to land on the road beside me having mistaken my glowing face for landing lights!

The question is.................... Was it the running along pavements and streets instead of the nature reserve and canal? Was it the fact that it was night time instead of morning? Was it the fact that I'd had been angry with my youngest as I left the house? Or was it just a good run? I guess I'll never know but at least I'm on track to complete week 8 before my jollies.

Week 9 and graduation will commence along the beech in Greece! A fitting end to a program that has left me constantly amazed at my ability! :-)

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I know what you mean about getting showered, straighteners etc etc after a run, I have to factor all that in too, yet my husband has a quick shower and he's done!! Plus of course my red face that takes ages to go down, my sister asked if I'd been on the sunbed the other day, but no, I'd been out for a run 3 hours previously!!

Well done on the run, good luck on the next few runs and what a fantastic place to be graduating in next week!! Have a great holiday, enjoy and report back! :)


This is wonderful to read, Mrs_M! This programme is so great, but then so are you for sticking to it!!

Most days I go out to run I reckon it'll all go horribly wrong and I'll have lost all my fitness, but of course I haven't and always manage the allotted time/distance/whatever (I'm now on Bridge to 10K) - it doesn't help though that those frst 10 mins are so often the hardest as I get into my stride. This morning I ran to the local post sorting office to collect a parcel, though I had to take a long detour to get my 30 mins in first!! I'm planning to start 'running TO places' more - my ambition is to run home from work one day (about 6 miles).

Have a wonderful time on your jollies and look forward to hearing about your graduation on the beach !!


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