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Dont think I'm a natural yet!

Having completed Week 5 on Tuesday, it was lovely yesterday knowing I didn't have to run. As the 20 minute run went ok I was thinking I would run again today, of course I could leave it tomorrow.

The thought of the effort of it all is making me feel tired. I know for a fact I will do it but just don't feel raring to go.

Hopefully this is just a lethargic morning, I am determined to become a runner and will get myself out there.

In saying this I often feel like this about the ironing but it always gets done, running will have to go down as a must do chore, I am just hoping the day will come when it doesn't feel like that x

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'I am determined to become a runner'

That determination will see you through! But we all enjoy our rest days and have those lethargic days when running seems like the last thing you want to do. And yes, it does feel like a chore sometimes.

Once you get out there and do it you'll feel a massive sense of achievement because you fought that battle, and you won :)


I also found that I was particularly tired after a major 'new' effort in the programme, like week 5 r3, or the time I first ran 5k (which took me 50 minutes!). In fact after I did the Sport Relief 3 miles I didn't really want to do anything for a couple of weeks (though I did drag myself out to do 30 mins 3 times a week, grimacing all the while....), but now I'm raring to go again and settled into Bridge to 10k.

Don't be sad - it will get better. Try and give yourself a bit of a treat and remember an extra rest day is always an option, especially after a big achievement!


oh well, after my whinging this morning, went out and did my run this evening and it went well. first 5 mins im sure i ran a bit faster, took it steadier for the 8 mins and had to dig in a bit more for the final 5 mins. bonus was hubby came with me so i think he helped take my mind off what i was doing, proving it really is mind over matter. thanks for your responses this morming


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