Couch to 5K

UPDATE: Jogging not for me atm

Did leave this as a comment on my original post yesterday but thought I'd just repost here as a new entry.

Hi All - a small update. After only completing week 1, run 1, my back has been TERRIBLE! For the first time in ages, I've had to resort to taking 2 co-codymol painkillers. I don't think even gentle jogging is going to do me any good. Most of my friends have shouted at me for being so silly for even thinking that I could jog with a bulging disc in my lumbar spine. The power walking has been good and my back even felt better! Hopefully, a few days rest is all I'll need to get back to where I started. I'm waiting to see a neuro-surgeon about my back, so until I've had my appointment, I think I'll stick to power walking. Good luck to you all on your own special journeys!

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You poor thing, I hope your back pain soon calms down and that the neuro-surgeon can get you sorted. All the best


Good luck! Hope you get your back sorted soon.

Maybe try Nordic walking? That is good for the stamina and the poles take the pressure off the back.


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