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Not there get!

It's been 4 and 1/2 weeks since I hurt my knee. Seen two doctors and a physio. Have received some good advice, encouraging words and helpful comments from you good folks. I've tried to be good. The physio said I could probably start some gentle walk/run sessions this week. My knee is saying no! I'm not in anywhere near as much pain as I was but it is still quite uncomfortable walking at times. I may start off by doing some walking and build up gradually.

I have managed to borrow a bike and been out on that a couple of times. That doesn't seem to bother my knee at all. So I'm going to try to keep that up and incorporate it with my running when I get back out there. It's not as bad as I remember though the traffic is a bit of a worry.

On the plus side I have managed to do some reading about running whilst not able to actually do it. Some interesting material out there. Thanks to everyone who made book suggestions. Have been encouraged and entertained.

Maybe this time next week I'll be able to tell you about my first run back out there. I hope so.

Hope you are all having fun.

Viki :-)

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Just hang on in there viki. My knees took 10 weeks before they were happyish running again. It seemed like ages at the time but it isn't really. And I think if I'd not kept trying to run they'd have been better faster but that's a tough one... just keep doing the exercises, and biking is great!

And console yourself with the thought that in a few weeks it'll be a whole lot more pleasant outside...

Good luck! :-)


Hi viki, hi mitts - .not been around for a long time but seeing your post mitts, i thought I'd just touch base.

This patience and starting again thing, i think, adds to one's running style, confidence and understanding of one's ability. I started again at w4, very slowly, and am now on w7. I'm being much more aware of important stretching exercises (without taking up the whole day!) at a gentle level and somehow my body is responding differently. I guess I'm not taking it as seriously as i did and everything feels lighter :-). I just feel so thankful to be able to get out there again, and enjoy running in the snow, that i am not forcing anything.

Basically, for me, the break i had and coming back has taken a bit of changing how i think about running. Weirdly enough, the other day i was just playing with different postures and thought processes while running and i didn't really even notice the actual having to run for 25 minutes! The play factor resulted in me doing 5 kms in 28 minutes and spook i had done was forever about being a runner and focused on a Child's joy in running. After my long break i don't want to cause any more injuries so, for me, just turning it into gentle playing seems to be working - weird!

Hope some of this helps, otherwise lovely just to see you are up and about mitts and to give you some encouragement viki. Sara :-) xox


Darn predictive text! That was meant to say"and all i had done was to think about running like a child and forget thinning about being a runner", or something similar - nothing about spooks!


Hi Sara,

Good to hear you're out there running again! Me, I'm lovin' my treadmill :-)

I know what you mean, having done it once there's much less pressure to get through the programme and more time to enjoy. I'm now up to two nine minute intervals with a four minute run in between and I'm just going to increase the intevals by 2 minutes every other week or so till I'm doing a continuous run. I could easily run a lot longer now, but I'm doing it like this to be kind to my knees.

And like you I'm doing more stretching and also foam rollering which is great. At my gym there's a kind of electrical roller which you can lean on with the appropriate parts of your anatomy and it's fantastic, you can really feel your quads and gluts having a good time when you use it!

Happy running and I hope your feet are keeping good! :-)


That should of course be a four minute WALK between my 9 min runs... wishful thinking kicking in there I guess... :-D


Great news Viki!!! Hang in there and you will be out and about soon!!! I hope you did enjoy some decent reading material. I find when I'm having doubts about my running ability, I can turn to a book about running and it puts everything back unto perspective for me. Continuing to send healing thoughts your way! Gayle


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