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Battling on post C25K, B210K, Bupa 10 mile...ankle injury, and still going!

Hi All,

Running has its ups and downs...last September I started on the C25k with the old NHS forum, graduated, did the Bridge to 10k with my good online running buddy ShelleyMcB, then we both started on the Bupa 10 mile challenge. Injury in the last two weeks of that programme (me: ankle) followed, and knocked my running confidence, but gradually I'm getting back out there. A week or two of slow run/walks with the OH; three faster runs in the last week out on my own, with the third one of those being this morning in pouring rain and a strong headwind, not much fun, but at least I'm out there (lapping the folk on the sofa lol).

Shelley, glad you're still getting out there, and well done to each and every one of us who make the effort...


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Well done CaroleC. Hope you are fit enough now to continue enjoying your running.

Thanks also for the demo of the Garmin! I hope that DH has just ordered one from Amazon for my birthday next weekend. I am going to graduate before then hopefully and will be able to use it for running and my Nordic walking which I am hoping to get back into soon.

Having online running buddies is such a good idea. I wonder why so few people put the area they live in on the web site? It would be fun to look and see if any others in the area.... Understand the privacy issues but perhaps they should just have nearest town rather than postcode which is a bit too specific?


hi carole. yep, still at it but havent had time for a "me" run as have been running with the girls & have all 4 kids at home, with their mates it seems, at the moment.

am planning an hour long run once my garmin watch comes :)

need a plan to get running again ~ hopefully once kids back to school running will get back to normal. does feel great when youve completed a run though & still crave that feeling.

its good to hear the ankle is holding up ok. you must have had just the right amount of rest. how long are your runs now? Im sure you will be pushing yourself :)

shelley X


So glad you are back running Carole, you sound upbeat too, so obviously glad to be back at it. I haven't started the B210K you kindly sent me yet. I am doing 5k three times a week listening to some good music on my ipod and doing it an average of 34.5 minutes now which is getting better each time. I can't bring myself to do a walk / run again at the moment and this is why I have put off starting the B210K. I am just pleased that I have stuck at it as going out to run 5K ( an impossibility a few months ago) is a regular thing in my life now and I feel so much happier & fitter for it.

Take Care



I'm so pleased to hear that you can still get out there even after your ankle injury. What a determined lady you are and an inspiration too!



Hi all,

All of my faster runs have been around the 3-4 mile mark, not going for intensity and distance. I've done a 5.4miles walk/run with hubby. That was in drizzle and wind. Wish the weather would improve!!

Imarunner, I know what you mean about switching back to walk/run but honestly, it's a lot tougher than you might think...nothing easy about it at all. I seem to remember by the fourth ten minute section I was praying for the end to come!!

Shelley, hope you like the Garmin, I don't go out the door without mine now and when we go on a cycle treasure trail later this week I'll be using it to map mileage for that too.

Carry on carrying on!!



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