Week 13 and still going. Vblog

Well hello again all C25K ers. I have hit week 13 this week so I decided to try a run with out Laura. Sorry Laura darling but I wanted a solitary run this evening.

Well all was going well upto 3.5k then started feeling a little breathless. First thought was "damn that smog cloud is back from the continent" I then looked down at Tilly tomtom and found out the reason. I was doing 8.45 min miles !! At this point the brake came on I slowed down and my heart rate decreased and my breath went back to normal. No wonder there were women in front of me throwing kids and dogs over hedges they must have thought here comes turbo gump :) anyway finished with a good 4 miles with 5k in 36 mins so I'm slowly getting faster just need to pace it better. For anyone who wants to see a red turbo gump see the vblog below. Stay safe runners and come on C25K noobies you can do it all it takes is sweat toil and determination. Oh and running shoes :) J


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22 Replies

  • Wow!!!! Slow down man!!!! That's brilliant. Well done!!! I'm still 4 minutes behind you!!!! :(

  • Hi Lou. I got a few PR's on Strava with the results it's just my lungs holding me back now as the legs are well ready for it. ;) turbo forest here I come. Your not doing so bad yourself either. I think I need interval training to sort my breathing next J

  • I've had a crappy week and haven't been out since Monday im afraid. Next week I'm going to seriously get back to them three runs a week and hope to see some serious progress. Seem to have got a bit stuck recently. Yeah a bit of interval training sounds good. You'll do it!!!!

  • fabulous...what a great vlog, and you are doing so well...so whats next Jase?...10k??

  • I'm working on it Juju got to try and catch you up :) with the lighter nights I've got to fit the cycling in as well so busy busy here. I see your doing good as well looks like you will have that marathon in the bag soon. Good luck :) J

  • excellent....sign up for something to have an aim? triathlon perhaps?? Yes I'm getting quite nervous about Paris....

  • We all know you can do it. Have faith in yourself. What date do you go ? J

  • we all go to Paris on the 8th, see the sights for 2 days then at 8.45 on the 12th BOOM off I go. There is apparently water, sugar (?), fruit and dried fruit every 5k. That fits with how I have been training so thats good. There is also apparently a disco tunnel ;)

  • Well I do hope you will be vblogging after your celebration completion :)

  • I am planning on doing one during, so I can share what it feels like!

  • Glad to see you're still at it! Sounds like you haven't lost any momentum, in fact quite the opposite :) I did C25K+ stepping stones for the second time yesterday. I didn't find it easy, but quite like it for a change from a normal run. Nice to see what other graduates are up to. Have fun!

  • Glad your still going to G I do like using the stepping stones but I find I'm running to slow with that podcast. But will still use it on occasions J

  • Well done Jase, nice vlog!

  • Thx old git :)

  • Well done on breaking away from Laura. I am at much the same stage and I've decided to try and do a speed or stamina podcast maybe 1 run out of 3. They make me pace myself and concentrate on technique. Then when I do my "solo" runs I find i am beating my 5k timings by a few seconds each time.

  • I'll try that Jenny sounds good too J

  • Glad you're doing well twin! :) 8.45 miles sound a bit hectic, good job you noticed that and took it a bit easier, you must have been really into that solitary run eh? Getting the week out of your system?? Great vblog again, you're turning into a right pro! :)

  • Cheers twiny things going ok but need to start biking as well now so that's the challenge fitting it all in :) J

  • Nice blog jase, thank you

    I can recommend interval training to help with breathing, well it helps with recovery and speed. I personally run 15 to 20 mins before playing the podcast, it was an accident first time I did this, but found I had better running legs doing it this way. The other nice bit is you do cover over 5k in your run

    That's not to say its easy - try it. Good luck

  • Cheers Julie I'll try that J

  • You're doing brilliantly m'dear. Well done. Great vblog :)

  • Thx AM really enjoying this now J

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