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I have achy knees and it's making me sad

My last run was 6.7km, and I noticed that my knees felt very "wooden" for the first 10 minutes, but by the end they were ok and not a problem at all. I usually run every other day and it was meant to be a running day, but I am elsewhere and getting a run in is not possible,0 but this afternoon my knees are killing me.

Is this my bodys way of telling me to run more? Or is the rest doing me good?

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I'm sure that you do stretches when you finish running but one thing I find works for me is Deep Freeze Cold Spray that you can get in chemists and supermarkets. I got mine in Morrisons. Spray it on your knees, front and back when they are hurting and it helps enormously. I have also bought the gel version which I am going to rub in tonight as my knees are really stiff.

Are a you doing anything else that would make your knees hurt? Hope you get it sorted soon :)


Running after 48 hrs is the fitness equivalent of 'hair of the dog" - it loosens up the tight muscles, gets the fluids moving through the joint, and gives you a boost of painkilling endorphin.

Of course you are obeying the 10% rule (do not increase distance or duration by more than 10% a week) because we know you're so risk-averse!


Hi I had a knee problem early on, one of the problems is there are so many places where the pain originates so its hard to tell what sort of knee problem you have, my pain was inside the knee, I found this site helpful to pinpoint it for me

for my problem it suggested using a knee support to help recovery, I did and it helped, knee is now almost fully recovered

Best of luck


also please make sure you are in the right shoes xxx


not exactly a man that has shy'd away from putting his body through it are ya... hope the soreness has eased



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