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wk6 r2 with my girls

ran outside with my girls this morning. they are 12 & 13 & currently on week 6. they have been on this week for at least 2 weeks & are now building up to that big 25min run. 12 year old did fantastic on this run. she runs off into the distance :) 13 year old struggled on the second 10mins. she had bellyache from almost as soon as we started running again but she powered through. she was brilliant! think bellyache may have been from drinking most of her bottle of water in the 3 min walk.

today we were the fit family :) last week I got overtaken by the fit family who I might add are sooooo much faster than us.

our route took us along the clifftop on the way back & I haver never seen as many people out walking :) forgot it was bank holiday :)

came home to bacon & egg sandwiches & big grins on my girls (13 year old hadnt done run 1 of week 6 so was feeling pleased with herself for this)

so for anyone worrying that they may be too old or too young this proves the program really is for everyone

happy running X

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Oh Shelley that's brilliant especially after those people the other day and you are now the 'fit family' - I love it!!! Just think, I bet all those people out walking today were looking enviously at you all :)


It must be great to go running with your two girls, you must be very proud of them. I did this with my teenage son last year and although he would disappear way ahead of me it was good to have something in common to talk about that didn't involve me nagging him to tidy his room or do his homework


My 14 year old daughter comes out running with me and it is great - although she is always way ahead of me! She turns round and joins me every now and then but always zooms ahead again! I love having her company :o)


it is lovely. yesterday I even managed to talk & jog :) not something I normally do but with 13 year old having bellyache we were talking to take her mind off it.

next run hopefully over the weekend for the big 25min "officially a runner" run :)


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