Couch to 5K

Week 9 r2 My post in local newsletter

I put this in the local newsletter, which has resulted in lots of car hoots & waves from folk. Hope to Graduate on Saturday in the lovely Highland town of Grantown on Spey.

In the pink

Firstly, apologies to those of you I have startled or mystified over the past few weeks. Yes, at my great age I have taken up running!

A so called friend, for my 59th birthday in bought me an entry into the Callanish Marathon. Now I usually buy her fancy pampering stuff such as bath essences and the like, or goodies from the deli but she thinks that people who don’t run aren’t normal.

So now I am signed up to something called couch to 5k from Healthy Choices the NHS website. It is a series of 9 weeks of pod casts you listen to on an IPod while you are running– I didn’t even know what one of those was until I got some help with the technology. Someone called Laura talks you through building up over the time until you can run for 30 minutes continually. By the time you get this I will be on week 7.

Someone else has kindly given me a marathon training plan! There is no way I will ever run that distance but with a mixture of walking and jogging I will get there.

I am enjoying it in a strange sort of way and along with losing some weight I actually feel fitter than I ever remember.

A big plus is that can now lift bigger bags of compost and push heavier wheelbarrows in the garden.

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Well done you for getting out there. You're nearly at Graduation now. I hope those hoots and toots give you the impetus to go a bit faster. Lovely part of the world to Graduate in by the way. YOu can treat yourself to a wee dram of Speyside when you graduate in a few days time


You have good friends!


A big wave - and car hoot to you - from just up the road in Inverness. I was closer to you yesterday though, when I travelled to Glenmore to run through the Ryvoan Pass to Nethy Bridge. The run didn't go quite as planned however - but I'll be back. I blogged about my misadventure here:

Give me a shout if your plan to run any local-ish 10K races or Half Marathons on the way to doing the Marathon, as I may be doing the same.

I plan to do a bit of 'race-tourism' this summer and arrange short trips to several islands around running events. My first is to the Tiree Half Marathon in May.


Wow swanscot Just looked at your photos on your blog What a beautiful area you were running in Just wondering how I could persuade husband to go up there for a weekend Hes not runner so Maybe have to compromise and walk rather run route Thanks for sharing


The route I did earlier in the week and is popular with walkers. Another option is to cycle if your have mountain bikes - or there are lots of places to hire them locally in Aviemore or Glenmore. I plan to go back with my hubby who doesn't run, but who mountain bikes along with me - going on ahead to check junctions, map read, get photos, etc. I'd like to try the whole circuit (27km) when I've worked my way up to that distance, that is Ryvoan Pass, minor road and return by the Sluggain Pass.


Gorgeous photos. I've just bookmarked your blog to read more of it later. Best wishes.


What a beautiful place you have to run around! I feel blessed with my running area but these pictures are simply gorgeous!

Good luck with the tourism this year!


Just arrived in Grantown after taking thee early ferry over from Stornoway. I waved through Inverness :-) I will be doing the 10k a the Stornoway half and a 5k in 2 weeks. That's all I have planned just now. I will have a proper look at your blog later. Maybe see you at Stornoway half?


I see you live in the islands, not Grantown. Still, I may see you at a HM ahead of your marathon. I'm planning to do one or more of the island 'halfs' . Maybe the Skye Half in June?


Brilliant idea to put something in a local newsletter - especially if it may inspire someone else to take up the programme. Good luck with your runs. Best wishes.


Re-reading your post I must say I love your wee blurb for your local newsletter. I'm wondering if I could (should?) write something for our local village newsletter. My family will think I'm crazy to draw attention to myself, but so what? In the two years since i started I've only met one other runner when running around the village. If it inspires even one other person to get out there that would be good.


Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Look forward to seeing your graduate badge soon. :)


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