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Just to let you know I'm not slacking :)

40 minute run this evening. I am still looking nervously at the foam roller, but I did run :). Cold outside, frost coming on, and pretty starry. Got myself pleasantly lost for 20 minutes and then turned round and retraced my steps back home.

Have also discovered this app, which allows you to pick an exercise (or several), do a kind of baseline test to see how many reps you can manage, then builds you a tailored 30 day challenge:-

Am deciding to give up being sedentary for lent, and see where I am by Easter. Hopefully able to do more than 5 pressups before I fall on my face, for starters!!!!

Happy running all.

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Nice run, I hope your muscles behave! Pressups- I just can't do them, I think my arms must be lacking bone and muscle! Its like tryng to hold my bodyweight with a piece of string. Let us know how it goes x :-)


Ha ha NE, me neither, I can get down but cant get back up !

Cant do sit ups either, I nearly give myself an hernia trying to do them ! :-)

Well done Tea, anyone who can do a press up , gets a big up from me ! :-) xxx

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I never used to be able to do even one, but my job involves moving bags of clay and a tabletop printing press, so I am a bit stronger these days! Still a way to go, though.


Press ups are so undignified - especially the last one where you're kind of wheezing and wobbling - still I have just managed to get into double figures so am very proud of myself plus I also saw a one pound coin lying under a cupboard so am much richer. Well done getting back into the running - it really is one of those things that when you stop for a few days it is really dificult to get back to - and when you do get back into it you wonder why on earth you didn't do that sooner - weird. You are obviously a natural born runner so erm... keep running. :)

What kind of job involves clay and a printing press!?

Right I'm off for a muddy run now! :))


You finished couch to 5k

Take a look at - I dare you :)

ftr I managed 3

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Oh that's looks fab thanks ! I'm going to give it a whirl - Heave ! :-D xxx


Start with press ups against the wall, then a table, then a chair and then the floor. I started using "You are your own gym" and then slipped out of the habit. I've never been able to do more than 1 press up either, but had worked up to 31 at knee height.

Hmm. Making me think I should start this again....


I'll be happy if I can manage a set of 30. Squats are a different story though. Going for triple figures there!


No I can't do one proper press up either, or a pull up, I think I'm too heavy for my arm strength!


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