Hi everyone, hope everyone's doing well.

I've not posted for a while, and I'm not very happy with myself because since graduation I've been slacking off gradually more and more. I think the problem is that I wanted to prove to myself I could finish the 9 week programme without slacking off, and now that I've done that I don't feel I have anything to prove to myself anymore. Which is silly because I never did reach 5K in 30 mins!

I had gone down to 2 runs a week and this week I have been on holiday and I did take my running stuff with me which I know many of you have also done; but I didn't use it! :( There was just too much holiday fun going on and I didn't want to miss anything, but I regret it now. We got back home last night but now I've caught my partner's cold I don't feel I'll be able to run for a few more days as I feel very run down and snuffly this morning, it's a shame as I was planning to run tomorrow morning but I think that would be silly and not go very well.

So I've gone from feeling I'm slacking to now being worried that I'm jeopardising all the improvements to my fitness I've made by not running for 1-2 weeks!

Oh well, no point feeling sorry for myself, it's my own fault, I will just have to work up from wherever I am at when I start running again.

Has anyone else felt the same post graduation? I need a new goal I think - should set a date for running a community race I think, and that will motivate me!


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  • Wait till your cold is better. Then put on your big girl pants and get out there and run. Overall it doesn't matter if you have missed a couple of weeks. You do need to make a commitment to be consistent though. If you run 3-4 times a week you will reap all the benefits, regardless of your speed/distance. If you don't or only run sporadically, you won't.

    Siging up for races etc is a great thing to do, but you do need to make running a habit that you just do, regardless of goal on the horizon. Like brushing your teeth.

  • Thank you Rignold, you are right! I've just registered for Parkrun, and reminding myself of how good it felt to be keeping at a 3-run-per-week schedule when I was doing it!

  • post graduation can be a difficult time, no more laura ,what to do next? etc all going through your mind ..

    if your cold is only in your head you could carry on running but only gently and maybe for some shorter distances , if it is on your chest then no running until it clears .

    1-2 weeks away from running isn't so bad , your fitness and stamina wont have evaporated away :)

    Setting a new goal is definitely the way forward whether it be 5k or 10k or beyond , lots attend parkrun ( a timed free 5k run) on a Saturday ,it is a great way to be with other like minded people it is a great atmosphere and everyone is encouraging and supportive ..

    You could join a running club as others have done and enjoy the experience :)

    The bottom line is to still enjoy your running in whatever form or direction that is :D

    Hope your cold clears soon and you go on to achieve other goals :D

  • Thanks Rob for your words of encouragement! I'm feeling motivated again and have just registered for Parkrun :) Now just to wait for this cold to disappear... I'll just have to push myself that bit harder to catch up!

  • we all have different goals and reach them in our time :) I am sure you will be just fine :D

  • Hi Sarah,

    I feel the same. If it wasn't for the event I had today I would have let myself slip.

    My plan is to join a beginners running club, one run on my own and Parkrun Saturday, hoping that keeps me going through the winter and keeps the fitness levels up.

    Keep going, don't give up, think how great you feel after a good run! :-D

  • Hi Mimsickle, thank you for the encouragement/reassurance! I have just registered for Parkrun, was put off by the 20 minute drive to my nearest (at 9am! not a morning person) but I decided that was pathetic. Will either go next weekend or the weekend after, cold depending :) Need to check I can still make a 5K!

  • You will love Parkrun! I'm really not a morning person either, especially after a week at work, but Parkrun is worth it, even if it is hard dragging myself out of bed!

    Let us know how you get on and maybe have a look for some events you like the look of to give you an incentive to keep going. X

  • :) Cold better today so I went for a 5km walk - I've been getting inspired to get back out there and I'm definitely looking forward to it! Can't wait for Parkrun but a bit nervous about my first time! I'm sure I'll love it as you say.

  • Good, glad to hear the cold is getting better. Remember your barcodes for Parkrun and don't start to fast. It's normal to be nervous. I get a real high after I complete a Parkrun and I'm sure you will too! Let us know how it goes!

  • This was my concern too and I graduated last weekend and had made my mind up to continue with 3 x 30 minute runs a week to settle down. Then I came up with the idea of joining a 10K programme and started it last Monday. I thought if I am left to myself, I am too likely to make excuses or get bored because the challenge is not there now.

    Anyway, the 10K programme is good but I have somehow developed a niggly pain in my knee and not sure what to do but definitely not going to increase running times and make it worse. You are not alone struggling to self motivate after C25K though but find a way that makes it fun for you again and let others know the plan so u feel we are all on your side with it. Julie

  • Hi Julie, thanks for very much for the encouragement! It's good to hear I am not alone in feeling this way. But I am determined not to give up and find excuses as this was what I was so proud of myself for NOT doing when I was doing C25K! I've just registered for Parkrun and I will start doing it once my cold has improved!

    My knees were also feeling a bit niggly lately after 30 minutes, but normally recovered by the next day. Hope yours are ok! X

  • Going to parkrun is a brilliant idea as everyone there is so friendly and they make all feel welcome, good to run with others too as it is very encouraging to cheer each other on. My knee is ok, just a warning not to over stretch myself, so going to draw back to my 30 minute runs for a couple of weeks and be satisfied with that. Once I feel comfortable, I can think about the next step. I will do parkrun again too, it's a brilliant way to keep motivated too. Julie

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