help i'm struggling

hi its absolutely fantastic reading all your posts and knowing that I am not alone but I don't seem to be progressing very well - just done wk 2 rp 2 and seem to be finding it harder I start out looking forwards to it but then it all goes down hill form there I don't run too fast but am still struggling to draw breath my legs feel like lead but I carry on to the end and then feel fantastic and this is only running for 90 second how on earth am I going to run wk 3 can anyone help I am so determined to carry on but why don't I feel any fitter helllpppp


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  • Hang on in there, Sue, it does get better. My biggest bugbear was 3 minutes for week 3, just could not do it, no matter how many times I tried, and I tried a lot!. Eventually, I ran with someone else (just once) - already thinking that I was running slow - and it turned out I could run a lot slower, which really helped just to get over that 3 minute hurdle. So much of this program is down to the mental struggle. There's no-one on here who hasn't struggled at some point, and at least you feel great at the end, so you obviously want to be doing it. Just don't be too hard on yourself, take it at your own pace, the only person you're competing with is yourself :)

  • thanks dylanski I will try to go with a positive mind and as I have read on here maybe keep repeating something in my head like you can do it instead of (help i'm dying lol) hope to be able to look back one day like so many others and be proud of myself - fingers crossed

  • You struggled, but you did it :-) don't beat yourself up, you'll manage next week too. Took me about a month to get through week 1!

  • I am sorry to hear you are struggling. I have not found the program easy but like you I am determined. I am now in week 7. So you can get there. I have been doing lots of repeats. But as everyone here keeps telling me its not a race. I have had to slow right down. I tell myself its better to Finish than have to quit, i run run slow and steady. Also some times when I think I am going to have a problem I start counting to 100. This helps me take the focus of the act of running and helps to calm me down. I find that makes breathing a bit better. Good luck and hang on in there.

  • thanks realfoodieclub great advise I will try the counting to see if it works for me - I cant quit all my life I feel like I have started lots of things and never get to the end well not this time i have quit being a quitter as they say thanks again

  • thanks crox sometimes you just forget to pat yourself on the back but somehow never to put yourself down. thanks for your support

  • Oh I remember getting stuck at w2 and did extra until moving to w3. Positive thoughts are what got me through it. I'm now on wk5 Hang on in there and keep going :)

  • Well done for keeping going. I found that as the runs got longer the breathing started to get better - as long as I kept it slow and didn't tackle any hills!

    Like everyone says - trust Laura. You CAN do it.

    I struggled each week but now run - very slowly - for 25 minutes!!

  • I just finished week 5 which is running for 20 mins and believe me I never thought I could. I had the same feeling as you - every week, although I completed the runs, I found it so tough that I wondered how on earth I could move onto the next. Everyone here says have faith in the way the program is designed, and I honestly think it works. It's amazing how quick our bodies are changing and adapting and that always seems to prepare us for the next week.

    It's never easy, though, and I often feel like giving up during the runs. I find I constantly have to talk to myself (not out loud though lol) and tell myself I can do it, I say things like "just 1 min longer to the next walking break" and "I've run X mins already, X mins left is no problem" Sounds kinda crazy but I repeat this stuff over and over in my head and it pushes me through.

    I also used the counting trick on my run today and it helped!

  • When I am struggling I look at the sky, the trees, the architecture etc around me. After distracting myself for a while in this way I loose track of how long I've been running, and tell myself I've just started - then it's a pleasant surprise when Laura tells me I'm half way through the run already. Mind you, I haven't moved on to the 20 minute run yet - gulp!

  • thanks everyone just completed wk 2 rp 3 and I concentrated on positive things and telling myself I could do it someone said to me to smile as I do it because it makes you feel happier so I did and it worked lol cant say I am looking forwards to next week but I am determined to carry on good luck everyone

  • The other thing I find is that one run can be very challenging, and then the next will be easy (ok... easier) then difficult. i.e. just because your last run was tough, it doesn't mean then next one will be. Apart from increasing fitness, there is sleep, diet, mood and a myriad other things that will help your running (or not), so just keep on the one day at a time and see what comes. Above all, keep going :)

  • thanks newlifelil you are so right I have started to drink 8 glasses of water a day and take a vitamin and cod liver oil tablet my body must think I have gone mad it was certainly used to the couch but def not the rest good luck

  • It gets better stick with it. As you learn to control your breathing your stamina improves and you will find it all falls into place. If you don't complete then stick wit it don't move on until you complete 3 runs for each week. It took me about 12 weeks to do the programme so hang in you can do it think positive

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