Couch to 5K

Couldn't have done that 3 months ago

Started C25K on Boxing Day and found those first weeks really difficult, almost crawling to the end of each run but slowly and steadily increased my fitness level and although I'm still not particularly speedy I can run for 33 mins if I keep it steady. I have practiced yoga for years but had dropped back to a beginners class last Autumn for a while as I was feeling very low and lacking energy. I started back to my usual class when I started C25K. I have been running on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Yoga class Monday and Friday, walking when I could on a Sunday.

This week I decided to run on Monday as it was such a lovely day, I walked, ran and cycled (older grandson's bike)a bit on the way back to the car and then I went to yoga in the evening. At 8am this morning one of my daughter's rang me and said she would give me 15minutes to meet her in the woods where we run so I reluctantly agreed but enjoyed it once I was there. This evening I went to my first Zumba class which was brilliant fun but it did make 30 minutes of running seem easy. :) The point is that I would never have managed this level of exercise before doing C25K. The plan is so well tailored to building stamina and fitness levels. I could not have imagined having this much energy and I feel great. Thanks to Laura.

Bit of a ramble but just wanted anyone thinking of following this plan or struggling with any of their runs to just go for it and keep it slow and steady, it is achievable :)

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It is amazing how this program is so motivating to all aspects of our lives. I find I am more active around the house and not putting things off. Wonderful ramble....agree!


It's a fantastic plan and my fitness levels have definitely improved also. Not done Zumba yet but it does sound good. Well done :)


Minuette, if you get a chance to try Zumba go for it. It was exhausting but it was such fun.


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