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Couldn't have done it without your support WK6R3 :)


I am absolutely beaming! After struggling to run 8 minutes at the beginning of the week, I have just run for the full 25 minutes... even with a couple of inclines ( normally I panic, but steady away and slow tonight).

I actually didn't think Iwas going to manage it, i was so stressed about it and just kept calm and thought, " Right, I'll do my best, if I don't manage it,I'll try again next time" and I think this actually helped take the pressure off me and helped me to complete it!

I also think having my favourite music on helped masively- think i was doing a weird kind of run dance at one point ( and was definitely singing out loud to 'Let it Go'- my 5 year old daughter would be proud!)

Having treated myself to a new runner's watch...I'd practised walking the dogs at a brisk pace and looking at my pace I was expecting if I managed at all, I would be aiming for about 16-17 minutes miles.........Imagine my surprise when i found out my first mile I completed in 11:34 and my second in 11:22:D I am so proud of myself, I have never run like this ever :)

Anyway, I really came on to say thank you for your advice and support the other day when i thought I'd hit 'The Wall' during my 8 minutes run......that and heaing other's positive stories on here is so motivating and inspiring, so massive thank yous all round:)

Beth x

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Let it go.......ooh I know that one lol. 4 year old daughter has it on in the car every time we are out!!

It's amazing that we think we can't do each run, but we actually do. I am on my 25 minute run thinking I won't do the 28 minute run. But I am sure I will still manage it.!!

Regardless, if I don't do it this time I will do it next time. I am never a quitter. I have completed every run required of me. After tomorrow's run I will be on week 8!!

Happy running and well done :-)


Ah well done you for sticking with it - you certainly have the right mind set :)


Love your username runningfortherainbow. Not long now and you will be runningformygraduatebadge! :)


Congratulations Beth!! Amazing how much of this running lark is mental, isn't it!! Positive thinking seems to have a major impact!!

Thank you so much everyone:) I am still grinning this morning ( despite the sore legs!)

Mancbird- I hear that song in my sleep! I am not a quitter either but I am a stresser and a perfectionist and they are a terrible combination sometimes;)

Last night I had the right mind set EjBirdy- whether I will tomorrow I don't is so weird how my mind works with this running thing!

Thankyou Amisnan... my name came from the fact my first 'real' run is a colour run at the end of September to raise money for an Autism charity and both my amazing children are on the autistic spectrum ( often symbolised by the rainbow puzzle piece.) I also have another run (10k -eeek!) booked for next year to raise money our local autism charity too. My main reason for running is to get good enough to raise some real amounts of money for charity :) Just need to keep running for that graduation badge too :D

I really do think, for me anyway, there is alot more mental stuff I have to work on... it seems like 90% mental stamina for me ( I have termed me negative self talk as 'negative Nora'- and am now telling her to shove off before a run lol!)

Thanks again x

You have great targets to keep you motivated and I don't doubt you'll succeed. Negative Nora will fast become a 'friend' of the past. Good luck going forward.


Well done ladies! Positive thinking and never quitting! Listen to yourselves. You're runners!!!!

Good innit!

Well done Beth! It's a great feeling isn't it? I completed my W6 R3 too and now to W7 :-)

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