Couch to 5K

Week 8 run 2 - much more sedate this time! :)

Good run on the treadmill as I wasn’t up to going out in the sleet so therefore a much more sedate run than Monday! ;)

However, I can happily report that after Monday's run, I didn't get my usual headache 4/5 hours afterwards and I put this down to having an isotonic drink after my run. Had Powerade on Monday and tried a Lucozade Sport this morning (much sweeter than Powerade) so am hopeful that I've found the answer to my headaches and general lethargy in the afternoon after a run, which is absolutely fantastic as I was starting to get a little concerned. I know I could make my own drink, or eat something salty etc etc etc but this works so I'm going to stick with it :)

Nearly there now - 4 runs to go!!

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Good news!

Don't blame you for not going out in the sleet - brrrrrr.

When are you planning run 3? Mine will either be tonight or Friday. Can't do tomorrow as son's 18th :)


Planning on doing run 3 on Friday morning, good luck to you for when you do it! :)

And enjoy your son's birthday :)


4 runs left..that's a great achievement, how does it feel?

Its good that you can substitute outside for treadmill when needed much better than missing a session.


It feels great, if a little unbelievable! Amazed I'm running for 28 mins when a few short weeks ago it was only 3 minutes at a time :)


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