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Stepping up to the big TWO-OHHHHHH!


I completed W5R2 this morning, in the freezing cold. Definitely need to invest in some warmer running gear for mornings like today! Still, the cold sure helps me run faster to keep warm :)

To be fair, this morning went OK. The first 8 minutes flew, I couldn't believe when Laura said there were just 60 seconds left. Think longer bits of running are good early morning, as my mind wanders more easily.

The second 8 minutes were harder, which is startnge as I normally ease into a run and find the second half easier.

Now, I am veeery aware that on Friday it's the big 20 minute unbroken run! Seems like a big jump - not sure how I'll find it, but I'm going to give it my best.

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You've come this far, that's great, so you'll be ready to do the 20 minute run no problem. Good luck! :)


Well done on today's run, you will do 20 minutes just fine I'm sure.

I'll be looking for your update about w5r3.


Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to the challenge!


go for it. its only 4 more mins than you ran today & it will probably feel easier as you wont have to get back into running after a break.

good luck :)

ChrisMcBGraduate in reply to shelleymcb

Good point Shelley, I'll tell mtself that on the day!



I think we all felt like it was a huge jump but as laura says if you have followed the programme up to this point, you can do it!!!


yep u can definately do it! good luck

Hi Chris....sounds we are on the same schedule. I did W5R2 this morning as well and am gearing up for R3 on Friday morning! :)

I completely agree with what you felt too - I thought I was going to be willing the seconds away today but found my mind wandering, almost forgetting I was running at times. But yes, the 2nd one was slightly more difficult.

Good luck for Friday! Let's send each other good vibes :)

ChrisMcBGraduate in reply to schpanna

Yes, will send good vibrations your way tomorrow! I'm hoping to lie a little longer as I'm off work - so should be nicely rested, as opposed to half awake at 6.45! :)

Hope our minds can wander during the 20 mins :)

Guys - also staring down the gun of the 1200 second run (sounds less!!) - plan is to do 5.1 twice and 5.2 twice to get a `solid foundation`! Really starting to scrutinise my 3 mile route as it incorporates 2 nasty inclines! - these were fine with Walk / Run - take on a whole new dimension when running longer spells as they sit bang in middle of runs! Fingers crossed for a tail wind at the weekend!

ChrisMcBGraduate in reply to Kieron

1200 seconds - love it :)

I considered repeating some runs this week, but am too curious to find out how I cope with the 20 mins!

I have some hills too - man is it harder to run up those bad boys with fewer recovery walks!

Good luck

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