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Almost Reached the Big One!

W5R2 done this morning, before it got too hot.

Very pleased. Also, didn't need to battle the mental demons much at all which was a pleasant change.

I had to slow down (even slower than usual!) halfway through the second block of 8 minutes, but that's OK, I don't care how slow I run as long as I get there.

Roll on the Big One - W5R3 here I come!

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well done for getting this far (we are over half way there) it is amazing how far we have come, you just ran for 2 lots of 8 minutes congratulations, and very good luck for the 'big' one, which is easier than you would think, just pace yourself and you will be fine, awesome :-)


Thanks tor41!


It is a brilliant feeling getting this far isn't it?

Although it is exactly as Tor said, pace is critical, it has taken me ages to realise that going off too fast and you struggle in the 2nd half, so don't go too fast when Laura says go. Just like today if you feel you need to then simply slow down during the run, just make sure you don't give up.

Good luck & Happy Running


Thanks MatthewW. I'm actually looking forward to the next run!


well done, I am excited and a bit frightened for my Week 5 Run 1 tomorrow at my local park run, my speed is very slow, I don't think many people would call it running, but doing it at my pace, I can survive the increases in time, although the other night it was so hot I was sweating buckets!! It is a few weeks since I did the park run so very curious to know how much I have improved time wise, since then.

Happy running x


Go for it katee! I don't think speed matters at all, it's getting the time done that counts. I wish we had Park Runs where I live, they sound brilliant.


Go just as slow as you like. In this heat, walking is a challenge for most people. :) I was slower than dog-walkers even when it was cold outside, but I still got to running for 10k.


Hey :-) I have just done run2 of week 5 as well at 7:30 this morning to escape the heat! Scared but looking forward to the "big one" which will be on Monday for me... Can't decide whether to cycle tomorrow as usual or give myself a break to prepare... Good luck to you for run 3!"


Good luck to you as well!

I might do it tomorrow, otherwise it will be Monday.

We both need to report back on how we got on!


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