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Is it normal to have numb feet?

hi there, I am repeating the first week (Didn't manage the first week properly as I got a lot of blisters with my new running shoes).

My shoes don't rub anymore but my feet go really numb. I am known to not wear sensible shoes normally - with no support at all and am wondering if that's what the problem is.

Have you heard of people getting numb feet before? Do you think it will stop?

Thank you!

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I too get numb feet! I wish I knew what caused it. I didnt notice this until the longer runs, of 20 minutes or more. While I am still getting this, usually the last 5 minutes or so, it seems to be a bit better than it was! Try and stick with it for a bit. I know is sounds obvious but make sure your shoes are not too tight!


I get this too, but only on a few toes. Used to get it on the cross trainer too in the gym?

Do you suffer any back problems?


No not at all. I'm pretty heavy but young and fit(ish) but apart from the dodgy feet - nothing wrong with me.


Supposedly this can happen when nerves get compressed , cutting off the nerve's messages to the brain. There are several locations where this can happen. Wearing the right running shoes and socks, not too tightly and doing proper running stretches can help to reduce it. One cause (as I know myself!) is a tight piriformis muscle which pinches the sciatic nerve in the lower back. There are specific stretches for this muscle which you can find online (just google piriformis stretch).

Most of my symptoms are improving now that my muscle tone and joint alignment have improved.


you might want to try to tie your laces little bit loose. If that does not help, you might need a bigger shoe.


I just asked about this exact thing at my local sport shop. Apparently, there is not only the arch on the inside of your foot but also one that runs the other direction. That is from the inside to the outside of your foot kind of across the ball of your foot. I told him I always went numb on the elliptical after about 30 minutes and was worried it might happen when I started to run. He said it is an easy fix: most cycling shops have special inserts that cyclists use as that is a common problem for them. They will fit in your running shoes. Hope that helps.


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