Couch to 5K

Me a pessimist................never

Well I have just finished W3 yesterday and while running the last 3 mins all I kept thinking was, how the hell will i do 5 mins, I blame myself, being a 'can't do' rather than 'can do' person !!! I also go into things with gusto and then give up far too early so only myself to blame!! The 50 year old knees felt achey last night and all i could do was focus on that, and being the pessimist that I am, was thinking that I could be damaging them, or my hips which also ache, and thinking I already need to book my hospital stay for hip and knee replacement surgery :-)

Also, am i cheating??? so far all i have done is walk up the lane behind my house and run down it, the odd time I have run up it has only been for the 90sec stint and god it makes a difference, both in the breathing but also it feels like someone has strapped an extra 40 pounds to my legs, its not even that much of an incline !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have now got myself in to the 'lane' rut, whereby I dread trying out anywhere else, its like a comfort blanket now, and anywhere else would be a big adventure out into the unknown, with uneven pavements, kerbs, drains, grass, cars and people :-)

Now I have re read this I am going to give myself a serious telling off and stop being such a wuss, Week 4 starts tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday :-) )

It really helps reading the blogs as without you guys I think I would have stopped by now.

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you have finished week 3. that is something to be congratulated :) not everyone sticks at this & you have, so give yourself a big pat on the back!

you arent cheating. it may be a lane behind your house but it is definately not the couch :)

it took me a year to venture outside so you have beat me already (treadmill runner) so now dont worry about those kerbs, etc. they are obstacles that you can overcome. perhaps move out of the lane once a week & see how it goes?

have you got the right trainers? they really do make a difference & can make running pains go away.

getting to week 3 is a big milestone & you can now run for 3mins :)

good luck. keep us all posted on your progress X


You will do 5 mins and then 8 and then 20 etc as the plan dictates! Trust the plan, if you have done all it asked to that point then you are able to do the next stage. Take a look at all the postings on here, we all say the same thing! Keep on and trust your body and the plan. It works!!!


Well I did wk 4 run 1 yesterday and I felt the fear as Laura said what was coming (I hadn't looked) but you know what - it was fine :-) I actually felt like I really started to get into my stride with the 5 mins - it was nowhere near as bad as I'd envisaged (remind me of this next week on Wk 5 R3!) You'll be fine!!! Go for it :-) Make sure your trainers are correct for your gait from here on in though - we're starting to ramp up the distance and the right trainers make an incredible difference.

We'll graduate within a day of each other (or so) if you get out there today - now go run your lane :-) (I run on a treadmill so you're wayyyyy ahead of me :-))


I ran mainly on a treadmill, but then I started to venture out into the park at about week 4 I think and today I have ventured onto the road. Small steps. That's all you need to do. And if you keep on running up and down the same place, then as long as you don't get bored, that's just fine you're not cheating.

Venture further when you are ready and if you feel you are up to a little challenge.

Something that may help - I've never gone outside to do a run without walking it first a day or so beforehand. That way there are no unexpected events that crop up and you know what to expect.

Well done on what you've done so far and good luck with the next run! :)


Minuette's idea sounds really helpful for getting mentally prepared for a new route. You might also try venturing elsewhere just on the last run of a week (unless it's week 5 :-) ) when you're confident you've done it a couple of times in your lane.

The other thing is that one day soon you will have to move elsewhere cos you'll be running so long, your lane won't be big enough!! Now that's a nice problem to have :-)


Hi all

Thanks for all your good advice, really helpful and has given me some ideas of how to plan myself mentally and physically :-)

I will post the results :-)


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