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Hi - just back from second 5K run, so one more and programme done! So been thinking ahead about options for next steps. At the moment I don't think I'm interested in increasing distance, but I'd sure like to increase speed - stop some of these youngsters (I'm 63, so anything under 60 counts as a youngster!!) from overtaking me! The big lesson from this Ct5K plan is to build up in a structured way, with Laura coaching you through it in your ear - so does anyone know of a similar programme that would coach me through going faster?

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  • The new podcast that is being released in May will help you improve speed and Laura will be helping with your progress.

  • Great - will it be announced on this blog when it is ready?

  • Hi JIP this is the link to when I first saw it announced, this was for trying it out but I'm sure Laura posted a comment recently about it being ready in May.....can't find that post though.

  • In the meantime, if you don't mind paying a few quid, you could look at the Audiofuel website (Laura's new podcast uses some of their material) - - you run to the beat of the music with some coaching thrown in and there are different downloads depending on what speed you want to/are able to tackle. Some of it sounds a bit hardcore but they are graded so you can take your pick!!

  • Thanks - I'd actualy found the Audiofuel website by Googling around. But I thin I'll wait for Laura's updates. Tried and trusted!

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